Enel X’s first “4.0 service area” in Rome: fast electric charging, shop and information point

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Full speed ahead with the electric: Enel X’s plans dedicated to the advancement of electric mobility translate into new openings and new investments, and the latest is that of the Enel X Store opened in Rome, in the renovated building at number 212 in corso Francia, Roma Nord area.

The store offers the range of products and services that Enel has designed for (or future) users of electric mobility, but also gives the city the first ultra-fast charging area for electric vehicles and a space in which to carry out collaborative test drives. with Volkswagen. The Roman area is a real novelty for Enel X, because it is the first that the shop also combines the charging columns, four HPC (High Power Charger) stations equipped with the JuicePump Ultra350, which allow you to make an “energy pit stop ”In just 20 minutes and to recharge 4 vehicles at the same time.

A “4.0” service area that offers technologies for energy efficiency, financial services and solutions for electric mobility and a refreshment point, one of the first four ultra-fast stations in Italy of the “Central European Ultra Charging” project, co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Connecting Europe Facility Transport 2017 call.

How the fast charging station works
Each charging point has a power of up to 350 kW and allows electric cars compatible with high power charging to fill up with energy in about 20 minutes. In addition to the ultrafast chargers, there is also a JuicePole, the 22 kW + 22 kW public charging station, and a JuiceMedia, the integrated digital screen with two charging stations, reserved for test drives of the Volkswagen Group Italia brands.

Among these is Homix, the smart home solution with integrated Alexa, which allows you to manage the temperature, security, lighting and other devices of the domestic ecosystem, also via voice control and remotely, and then Enel X Sun Plug & Play , the innovative photovoltaic system for easy balconies that can be installed without structural interventions and allows you to contribute to the energy needs necessary to power household appliances and other appliances, reducing – according to Enel X estimates – the energy component by up to 20%. To these are added specific solutions such as JuiceAbility, which makes it possible to use the public infrastructure for charging electric wheelchairs.

In the Enel X store also payment of bulletins and top-ups
The store also offers the opportunity to make bill payments, top-ups (soon also available for the JuicePass app to fill up electric cars), shipments and get information for activating Enel X Pay.

On the test drive front, the area will host in rotation the 100% electric models of the Volkswagen Group Italia brands (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Cupa, Škoda and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) starting with Volkswagen ID.3, and specific activities are planned both for customers who have already chosen a car of the Group, and for users interested in discovering zero-emission mobility, with dedicated workshops and consultancy and the possibility of carrying out test drives.

“We have just finished what we could define as phase one, aimed at understanding the national territory in a capillary way and allowing people to recharge cars – said Franceco Venturini, CEO of Enel X, who participated in the ribbon cutting together with Massimio Nordio, ceo of Volkswagen Group Italia, and to the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi – In Italy there are now 20,000 recharging points, now it is necessary to go to infrastructure the major roads and to invest in large cities, which have different needs. There are those who have a garage and can load the car, those who do not have one and use the columns of 22 Kw stations because they do not need to go and load quickly, and those who have to go away from one day to the next. and immediately recharge the car, doing it perhaps in 15 minutes. The mobility of the future will be different from what there is today, and we will have to do everything to adapt ”.

Even the motorways, therefore, must necessarily adapt to the changes, also adapting to the decree that obliges the dealers to mount the charging stations and electrify the service areas: “Six months were given to the dealers and now we are – confirmed Venturini – If it will not happen within the terms, you enter and electrify yourself at all costs. However, the first signs are there, and they are strong, we are working with Autostrade per l’italia at two service stations right near Rome, and from there we will start to infrastructure the rest “.

Enel’s energy, added Venturini, is all “qualified from green sources”, thus also making the production process as clean as possible. On the cost front, the ultra fast charging station costs 79 cents kWh, attesting to a full charge of around 50 euros, but “these recharges are different from the slow one, the variability depends very much on the type of charger you are going to use. Domestic recharging is around 25 cents, but it must be said that in about a month and a half Enel X will come out with flat rates that will allow the stations to be used by paying a certain amount per month, making electric mobility democratic “.

“In Rome we decided to start the public electrification process through hundreds of slow charging stations, and the opening of the Enel X store allows those with electric cars to have a super fast point to charge – added the mayor of Rome. , Virginia Raggi – we are working to open others on Rome, there are many initiatives to be put in place, being the only stage in Italy of Formula E allows us to demonstrate with a great super sustainable event how easy and non-polluting this means of shift. The goal is to make Rome, the most electrified city in Europe, a smart city, and this process is well underway. We live in a city that has an incredible load of history, and we can transform the future into a present act ”.

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