Europe car market 2021: pandemic and chip crisis lead to 1.5% decline

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The 2021 of the European car is confirmed as a year of crisis, given that the market – EU + Efta + United Kingdom – has lost 1.5% compared to the already critical 2020. The comparison with 2019, on the other hand, is merciless given that the collapse is 25.5%. Virtually one in four new cars have disappeared since before the pandemic. Looking instead at the numbers based on ACEA data (association of European manufacturers), 11,774,885 cars were registered in 2021, compared to 11,958,116 registered in 2020, a decrease also due to the poor result in December in which the decline was 22.8%, also marking the sixth consecutive month of decline. Last month none of the traditional “big five” was saved: Italy lost 27.5%, Germany 26.9%, Spain 18.7%, France 15.1% and United Kingdom 18.2%.

Looking at the whole year, however, the only fall is that of Germany, which totaled -10.1%; Spain, France and the United Kingdom were essentially stable with respectively + 1%, + 0.5% and + 1%, while Italy grew by 5.5% “The slightly less negative result of our country is due to the the fact that, albeit with many limitations, we have launched a system of incentives that proved to be more effective than the aids adopted in other countries “, comments Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Centro Studi Promotor, who then says about 2022 “the outlook will remain decidedly unfavorable because the pandemic bites more than previously thought and the microchip crisis seems destined not to find solutions in the short term”

Looking instead at the sales of automotive groups, Volkswagen is always at the top of the rankings with 2,944,117 cars (-3.7% on 2020). In second and third place are respectively Stellantis with 2,378,979 units (-1.6%) and Renault with 1,093,539 units (-10.9%). In fourth place, with 1,018,563 registrations (+ 21.1%), we find the Hyundai Group which outstripped BMW (858,762 units, + 1.3%). Toyota, in sixth place with 760,168 units, grew by 9.6% compared to 2020, while Daimler, in seventh place with 678,574 units, fell by 11%. Finally, a bad thud for Ford which loses 19.2% and closes 2021 with only 523,970 cars registered.

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