European car market, 2022 closes at -4.1%

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Although the last five months of 2022 ended positively – with December at 1,091,119 registrations, equal to +14.8% – the car market in Europe (in the 30 EU countries + UK + EFTA) archives 2022 with 11,286,939 cars registered, a loss of 4.1% (equal to 488 thousand fewer registrations) compared to 2021. Almost all the main “major markets” in the region are in decline: worst of all is the Italy (-9.7%), followed by France (-7.8%), Spain (-5.4%) and the United Kingdom (-2%). The only one holding is Germany (+1.1%).

Furthermore, Italy is also in the dark with regard to cars “with the plug”, i.e. for registrations of rechargeable hybrid and pure electric vehicles: in our country this category represents just 8.8% of sales in 2022, compared to 31.4% from Germany, 22.8% from the United Kingdom, 21.6% from France and 9.6% from Spain.

“UNRAE is pleased with the approval of the two decrees for the construction of over 21,000 charging stations for electric vehicles within the next 3 years, in urban centers and highways”, said General Manager Andrea Cardinali in an official note. refers to the approval by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security of the procedures for accessing the 713 million of the PNRR (intended to finance up to 40% of the construction costs) to install at least 7,500 super-charging infrastructures by the end of 2025 fast (from 175 kW) on extra-urban roads (excluding motorways) and 13,755 fast charging infrastructures (from at least 90 kW) in urban areas.

“On the freeways – explains Cardinali – super-fast infrastructures are envisaged, favoring installation at existing service stations and existing parking areas. On the other hand, the decree regarding charging stations in urban centers takes into account, in defining the criteria for their location, the current vehicle fleet, the availability of garages, parking lots and private garages, the air quality, the current penetration of electric cars, of the tourist vocation of the territories. It is an important first step, which UNRAE has been asking for for some time, to guarantee our country an accelerated development of zero or very low emission mobility, otherwise Italy will still be far behind in terms of the diffusion of the recharging network. According to the latest data as at 30 September 2022, in fact, our country occupies the fifteenth position in the European ranking, with 6.7 charging points every 100 km against the 8.9 of the European average”.

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