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A new extension arrives for the renewal of expired driving licenses and other identity documents in times of coronavirus pandemic.

The dl Extensions of April 29, in fact, moved the validity of expiring or expired documents, including driving licenses, to September 30, adding another five months to the deadline previously set.

Driving license exams, new extension in December 2021
An extension has also been set for the license exams: those who did not apply in 2020 will have time until December 2021 to support the theory, without having to pay again (and not one year from submitting the application, as established by the Milleproroghe ).

The new provision is contained in the decree containing “urgent provisions on legislative terms” approved by the Council of Ministers.

The Ministry of Infrastructure announces that for applications submitted from January 2021 and until the end of the state of emergency, however, there is time for one year to take the theory test, instead of six months provided for by the Highway Code.

Driving license tests, Italy among the countries where they cost less
On the driving license front, meanwhile, a new study signed by comparethemarket.com has compared the costs to be incurred in the different countries for those who want to learn to drive and achieve it: according to the comparisons, Italy is one of the cheapest countries from this point of view. sight, with an average cost of 32 euros for the theory and practice exam.

In first place is Norway, with a combined figure of 180 euros, followed by the Netherlands with 147 euros and Switzerland with 136 euros. In the ranking of the 10 countries where learning to drive costs more, there are also Ireland (130 euros), Germany (114 euros) and Spain (92 euros).

Among the least expensive, after Italy (which out of 25 countries is the 22nd) there are only Chile, China and Russia, where the average cost does not exceed 30 euros.

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