F1, eve of tension in Budapest: Verstappen attacks Hamilton

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Eve day in Budapest, amidst the aftermath of the Silverstone controversy and Ferrari’s hopes for the Hungaroring.

Max Verstappen still has his tooth and his poisoned thoughts against Lewis Hamilton after the contact that cost him off the track and a visit to the hospital.

“I remain of the same idea, I lost some points because of another driver,” said the Dutchman. “Lewis then called me, and I’m not going to tell you what we said, but I found it disrespectful to celebrate a victory he won by crashing me into a wall. I wouldn’t have done it. But some people as they really are you see when they end up under pressure ». Max is still self-absolving with regards to the dynamics of the accident: “I’m tough, not aggressive, I wouldn’t have behaved like he did, who claimed to go through the curve inside at the same speed as I was on the outside, getting the understeer that led him to hit my car ». In short, let’s expect new episodes, both on and off the track.

At Ferrari there is optimism. Moderate. «I feel it could be a very positive weekend – says Charles Leclerc – Even if we won’t be as strong as in Monaco. The goal is to be at the top in the middle group. At Silverstone I managed to keep pace with the Mercedes, especially in the first stint. The bitterness remains for having lost the lead at the very last moment, but I concentrate on the positive things ». For Carlos Sainz a key role will be played by the temperatures in Budapest: «Whenever it is cold and the balance of the car moves forward we have problems, the fact that it will be hot like in Austria and England reassures us. Personally, I’ve always scored points here, but that doesn’t mean I’m particularly strong on this track, it was more thanks to the cars I drove that suited this track ». Let’s hope the effect continues.

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