F1, Verstappen attacks the FIA: “A different treatment against me”

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Fixed gaze at the camera, never glance at the rival. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton avoid any form of contact or empathy during the official press conference on Thursday. On Sunday on the Yas Marina track they will compete for the world title. Even if they have the same points in the standings, the regulation leads them to think in the opposite way: Verstappen accuses Hamilton of being treated better by the race marshals. «There were two episodes in which I was unjustly punished because I only drove hard (the reference is to the Arabian GP, ​​ed). Two other riders did the same thing defending their position and they were not sanctioned or mentioned ».

But even Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc believes that the Dutch driver has gone over the limit, while Lando Norris (McLaren) has entrenched himself behind a “no comment” about the 10 ” penalty for a sudden braking on the straight that triggered a rear-end collision in last Sunday’s race.

“In the end, there are always criticisms – added Verstappen – but it is unfair that I am treated differently from others”. Can the championship be conditioned by bad decisions? “Don’t ask me if it will happen, there have been controversial episodes, but what’s done is done”, the Red Bull driver replies.

Hamilton tries not to get involved in the verbal brawl: “I don’t waste energy thinking about what is out of my reach. Last year I won here in Abu Dhabi, we have a super car again and we are focused. It will be a good challenge. The controversial episodes? I know the sporting regulations ».

The International Federation intervened to calm the spirits and warned: «In case of unsportsmanlike behavior, we will not hesitate to sanction by disqualifying from the race or by removing points from the classification.

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