Fabio Barone, fifth Guinness Book of Records for the “Red Baron”

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By now the name of the Roman driver Fabio Barone is synonymous with the Guinness Book of Records: the “Red Baron” achieved another, the fifth, by driving his Ferrari F8 Tributo on the dangerous route that leads to the Meteora Sanctuaries, in North-Western Greece.

A “time attack” carried out on a four-kilometre-long route dotted with curves. The result? A new world record: Barone, in fact, crossed the finish line in 173 seconds, a good five less than the previous limit set by a Greek driver.

The secret of the enterprise was to maintain «a constant rhythm and an adequate set-up to maintain the necessary grip so as not to lose precious seconds during the ascent».

Thus, after beating Google in the very long journey from Rome to the North Cape last year; to have done better than the time trial at Transfăgărăşan in Transylvania, in 2015; on the Tianmen Mountain Road in China, in 2016 and at the Dades Valley Canyon in Morocco, in 2018, Barone managed to accomplish yet another feat.

«It was very hard, much more than you might think», declared Barone: «A truly incredible journey, full of difficulties and dangers, but in the end we made it. And besides my Ferrari F8 Tributo I have to thank all my men. They were special, as always. Without them, I would not have done any of this. Not today, not before.”

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