Faw and Silk EV, the Chinese sports will be born in Emilia Romagna

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“Aerodynamics not as a constraint, but as an opportunity” is the principle with which Walter De Silva, the Italian pencil at the head of the Volkswagen group design for years, will work on the style of the “S” range. That is the line of electrified sports cars (plug-in and battery-powered) that will be developed in Italy, in the Motor Valley of Emilia Romagna, as part of a joint-venture between the Chinese Faw and the Silk EV. The agreement was presented today: there are very few certainties, apart from the announced investment by one billion euros approximately, of which the public contribution is unknown.

The regional councilor Vincenzo Colla hinted that the operation also concerns the national government, which is currently vacant. The head of the joint venture and president of Silk EV Jonathan Krane he spoke of a “significant” impact on employment. But on possible more concrete details – from the possible location of the plant and the Innovation Center to the types of models envisaged – both Krane and De Silva remained very buttoned up.

The first car of the joint venture, distributed in China under the brand Hongqi, It will be there S9 and, at least initially, it will be hybrid, likely plug-in. Then they will come, if the operation has that wide breath that Krane referred to, the electric ones S7, S5 and S3, not necessarily in that order. While, it seems to be understood, the S9 and S7 will be produced in Emilia Romagnathe other two models will be assembled in China, in Changchun.

De Silva, who refused to anticipate any indication on the type of bodywork, specified that he had Ferrari and Porsche as a reference. The models will be exclusive and not intended for the mass market: “It will be a limited production “, granted the designer. Who spoke of the “essence of beauty” and the need for forms that create a product identity even before a brand. The protagonists guaranteed the involvement of local entrepreneurs, even if for now only the name of the company has been mentioned Dallara Cars.

The Motor Valley will be the heart of this new automotive adventure. Indeed, to quote De Silva, it will be the “outpost” of a new challenge in the field of sustainable mobility, claimed by the President of the Region Stefano Bonaccini, who recalled how the engine sector is worth 16,000 companies and almost 100,000 employees in Emilia Romagna.

Behind the joint venture are the Fawthe largest Chinese car manufacturer (nearly 3.5 million units marketed in the country in 2019), and the Silk EV, company specializing in car engineering and design that also has offices in the United States and China, as well as a Modenaeven if no address appears on the site.

“Our vehicles – promises Krane – will be able to combine an exciting, sustainable and exclusive driving experience with the use of cutting-edge technologies, leveraging a global ecosystem of high-level partners and suppliers”.

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