Ferrari Purosangue: the Prancing Horse rewrites the rules of high center of gravity cars

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With the Purosangue Ferrari enters a new era, changing a tradition that for seventy-five years had never accepted a four-door car with the Prancing Horse on the hood. “It was the longest and most complex project in the history of Ferrari” explains the head of the Centro Stile Ferrari Flavio Manzoni. The car body was designed by subtraction of volumes and is split into two levels, the lower more technical and the sinuous and powerful upper. In any case, in Maranello they do not like that the abbreviation “Suv” is used when referring to the Purosangue. After having thoroughly studied all the technical peculiarities, we agree with them, even if the dimensions place it in that category of cars: it is 4.97 meters long, 2.03 wide and 1.59 high, with a wheelbase of 3.02 meters. On board there are four seats, very comfortable, with single seats (electrically adjustable and heated) also behind and the trunk has a capacity of 473 liters.

A sports lounge made with 85% eco-sustainable upholstery including a special Alcantara made up of 68% post-consumer recycled polyester. The driver’s seat takes up the tradition of the Prancing Horse supercars, especially the SF90 Stradale; then to the digital instrumentation dedicated to the rider, another one is added for the front passenger. Speaking of style, the side profile is almost coupé, thanks to the long bonnet and rear doors that open (electrically) against the wind and which are therefore smaller but still guarantee excellent accessibility. The interior is a triumph of luxury and design; a Ferrari has never taken care of rear passengers in this way, but, at the same time, it does not compromise in terms of performance. The architecture is the same as the GT cars, with the front central engine – i.e. positioned before the front axle – and the gearbox moved to the rear, to define a true sports car weight distribution (49% front and 51% rear) and move masses close to the center of gravity, increasing agility in road behavior.

But the highlight of every Ferrari is the engine and here is the glorious 6.5-liter V12 that delivers 725PS and 716Nm, screaming up to 8,250rpm. All this power is unloaded on all four wheels through an 8-speed transmission and two differentials that include torque vectoring on both axles. Performance is mind-boggling and makes the Purosangue the fastest in its class: top speed exceeds 310 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes just 3.3 seconds. Another first is the active suspension system (created together with Multimatic) which is unique worldwide, because it uses a dedicated electric motor to react to the movements of the car. Obviously, there is also the highly refined electronic driving support package typical of Ferraris, which here also includes the Abs evo developed in co-design with Bosch. All this at a price of 390,000 euros, which makes it the most expensive SUV on the market.

Here is the Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV from Maranello

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