Ferrari Roma, here is the bespoke one that pays homage to the craftsmanship of Italy and Japan

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Ferrari removes the veils of a Rome created by the Tailor Made department, which takes care of satisfying the wishes of customers. The peculiarity of the car? The fact of being embellished with details inspired by the Japanese aesthetic culture, which blends sobriety and sophistication together. But what is also particular is the “gestation” of the vehicle, which began when Evan Orensten and Josh Rubin, founders of Cool Hunting magazine, dedicated to design, culture and technology, were offered the opportunity to configure a Ferrari Roma for find out how far the Cavallino’s customization program could go.

Orensten and Rubin met Flavio Manzoni, head of Ferrari design, and offered him to examine some of the ideas and materials they had discovered during some trips dedicated to the exploration of traditional Japanese craftsmanship methods. “Flavio Manzoni and his team were inspired by the similarities between the Italian and Japanese culture and philosophy of design: absolute devotion to quality, emotional harmony with the customer and excellent craftsmanship that is handed down from generation to generation”, yes reads in an official note.

Therefore, the traditional Japanese Indigo dye was the inspiration for the bright blue color of the exteriors, called Indigo Metal. The same color range was used for the interior of the car and is also found in the Sakiori fabric, used for the seat inserts and carpets. “The Sakiori is one of the oldest examples of upcycling in the world and dates back to the eighteenth century, when cotton and silk were the prerogative only of the wealthy landowners and the Japanese aristocracy”, explains Ferrari: “The worn kimonos were unstitched, the fabric cut to strips and woven with new threads to obtain a warm, comfortable and resistant material “.

However, instead of using traditional silk or cotton wefts, the fabrics of the kimonos have been woven with sturdy, high-strength nylon filaments to ensure the indispensable longevity of the car’s interior. While copper – which over time takes on a distinctive natural patina – inspired the made in Japan plating that embellishes the iconic gear gate and levers. The double cockpit arch, rims and Kamon are also copper-colored. “The emblem created ad hoc on the personalization plate set in the central armrest and on the door sill is a“ Kamon ”, a seal handed down from generation to generation in Japanese families”. Designed by Kyogen, it represents a wheel of an ox cart, whose eight spokes are reminiscent of the pistons of the 620 hp V8 turbo engine of the Ferrari Roma.

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