Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, here is the concept dedicated to virtual motorsport

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The expectations that Ferrari places in the competitions dedicated to single-seaters with covered wheels are great. This is testified by “flesh and blood” cars, such as the 499P, which will bring the Scuderia back to compete in the WEC and at Le Mans; and “imaginary” racing cars such as the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo, a futuristic concept car dedicated to the world of virtual motorsport.

Moreover, the presentation of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo represents the swan song of the celebrations dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Ferrari. The car looks above all to the future and aims to excite new generations of motorsport enthusiasts, while at the same time being a candidate to represent “a manifesto of the future of the road and racing car as imagined by the Maranello designers and engineers”, explain from Ferrari.

The lines of the Vision Gran Turismo, designed under the supervision of Flavio Manzoni, embody the DNA of racing cars such as the Ferrari 330 P3 and 512 S while having a powerful and futuristic flavour. “The design of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo was conceived starting from the idea of ​​a speedform characterized by geometric lines, very incisive, angular, which nonetheless underlie organic surfaces”, say the Centro Stile: “This juxtaposition has a disruptive effect, in how much the plasticity of the external and internal surfaces is linked to the geometric rigor of the lines, generating a car with an immediately recognizable personality whose architecture revolves around its aerodynamic concept, based on two imposing side channels. These devices, patented by Ferrari, channel the airflow from the front of the underbody around the cabin and over the large side pods”.

Solutions that embrace the reasons of aerodynamic downforce, as do the extractor and the biplane rear wing. The front S-Duct and integrated air vents in the wheel arches further enhance fluid dynamic efficiency and high-speed stability. The Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo is equipped with a three-litre 120° twin-turbo V6, derived from the various versions of the 296 and from the engine of the 499P. In this “virtual configuration”, the 6-cylinder engine delivers a good 1030 HP of maximum power at 9000 rpm. To which are added a further 326 HP, generated by three electric motors, one on the rear axle and one on each of the front wheels (the car is therefore equipped with four-wheel drive).

As on the 499P, the body of the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo appears to be suspended on a flat bottom in carbon fiber which incorporates all the technical elements, which remain of secondary visual interpretation. While the chassis was designed to emphasize the lateral dynamics of the car in extreme driving conditions. Conceptually, the hybrid technology of the Vision Gran Turismo takes advantage of the experience gained by the Scuderia in Formula 1 with regard to electric boost strategies and energy recovery.

The Vision Gran Turismo will be available to all users of the GT7 driving simulator from December 23rd. Then, from 15 December, the 1:1 scale physical model of the car will make its debut at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, in the area dedicated to the Prancing Horse One-Offs. The car will remain on display until March 2023.

FERRARI VISION GRAN TURISMO – Technical data sheet

Type V6 – 120° – Turbo – Four-wheel drive
Total displacement 3000 cm3
Thermal engine maximum power 1030 hp at 9000 rpm.
Thermal engine maximum torque 900 Nm at 5500 rpm.
Hybrid system maximum power 240 kW (326 hp)

Dry weight 1250 kg

Weight distribution 43.5% ant. / 56.5% posts.

F1 dual-clutch 8-speed gearbox

Maximum speed > 350 km/h
0-100km/h < 2.0s
0-200km/h < 5.0s
Fiorano lap time < 1' 10”

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