Fiat brings the 500e back to the United States, but production remains at Mirafiori

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Volume in Europe, luxury in the US. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Fiat CEO Olivier François anticipates the strategy of the Turin-based company, which will bring the 500e back to North America from 2024. The manager does not explain with which formula it will be marketed (“maybe it won’t even have a price”, he says), but confirms the Italian nature of the production: “It will be at Mirafiori”, he assures. The Yankee version of what he defines as an exclusive fashion accessory (“ultimate fashion accessory”) will be different from the European one only due to the necessary changes to the approvals. Little more than details, in short, him.

It will be offered in the configuration with the largest battery, of 42 kWh, and therefore capable of traveling up to 440 kilometers in the city, which is the environment in which François imagines finding customers for the car. The car, an evolution of the same one that Sergio Marchionne had asked years ago not to buy because at the time FCA would have lost money, is destined to “feed the American appetite for change”, says the number one of Fiat. Which foresees that the 500e will become an additional car to those that well-heeled customers already have in their garage. More: it is a sort of “sustainable metropolitan desire”.

To impress the onlookers at the generous stand of the American brands at Stellantis with the addition of Fiat, there are three models intended precisely to arouse the interest of rather exclusive customers: the one-offs made by Giorgio Armani, Kartell and Bulgari. There are many references to the “dolce vita”: for François the 500e is a “little Italian masterpiece”. “We are here because we want to be there, not because we have to”, he adds, repeatedly reminding journalists that he does not want to push the 500e, whose charm should be enough to make small numbers, evidently with large margins, sufficient to make it a profitable experimentation.

In the showcase there are two other novelties. One is the Dodge Hornett GLH, the American version of the Tonale equipped with the two thousand supercharged Huracane and, among other things, with Brembo brakes with rigorously red calipers. The other is a smooth concept of the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT, a zero-emission version of the high-performance model from the Ram’s house, which however did not provide technical details.

Apparently it should be more powerful than the Charger SRT Hellcat equipped with the almost 730 HP turbo V8. And, that’s for sure, “it’ll drive like a Dodge, have the lines of a Dodge, and have the sound of a Dodge.” In the modern interior of the zero-emission muscle car there are also two 16 and 12.3” screens.

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