Fiat Tipo, here it is with the “uniform” of the Carabinieri

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The Arma dei Carabinieri renews the fleet, which will soon be able to count on about 1,300 copies of the Fiat Tipo (supply that includes a framework rental agreement). The car, equipped with the 130 HP 1.6 turbodiesel engine, “wears” the classic Blu Arma institutional livery with a white roof. Most of the components needed by the Tipo dei Carabinieri are produced and assembled in the Mirafiori plant.

Among the specific features, the pair of flashing lights on the roof stand out, combined with the swinging headlight; then there are the LEDs on the grille, the internal hatch and the sides of the license plate holder, as well as the two-tone siren. The cockpit features Radio Carabinieri preparation, an additional loudspeaker under the dashboard and a specific antenna with inspection hatch. The control panel on the tunnel is equipped with backlit buttons, and the front pillar provides the read map light.

“Under the seats there are two bivalent weapon holders, as well as file holders, two torches, a tablet holder net, two tonfa holders and two shovel holders”, reads an official note from Stellantis: “The trunk compartment houses a writing desk sliding, a specific ceiling light and a 12V socket. Obviously, there is no shortage of first aid kit, 2 kg fire extinguisher, front and rear rubber mats with buttons on the front, removable covers for the rear seats and self-tensioning snow chains ”.

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