Fisker Ocean, the “American” 100% electric SUV debuts in Barcelona

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The Fisker Ocean presented itself to the European public today, making its debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​after it was shown for the first time at the Los Angeles Motor Show last November. It is a 100% electric SUV 4.77 meters long and able to accommodate five people with a large space on board, given the wheelbase of 2.92 meters. In Italy, the Fisker Ocean will not arrive before 2023 and it is too early to talk about prices, even if the 41,900 euros of the Spanish market can be taken as a reference. With this figure it takes home the Sport version with 440 km of WLTP autonomy, 275 hp of peak power and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds. In this case there is only one electric motor at the rear, which in the more powerful versions is flanked by another at the front to configure all-wheel drive.

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In this other case, the maximum power grows up to 550 hp, the time required for shooting from a standstill drops to 3.9 seconds and the range rises to 630 km. Consequently, the price rises to 57,500 euros for the Ultra version and to 69,950 euros for the Extreme, which has a full optional set-up. Series production will begin in November at the Austrian Magna Steyr plant; the quality will be very accurate as the Fisker Ocean will be offered with a warranty of six years or 100,000 kilometers, which as regards the battery will be extended to ten years or 160,000 kilometers. The design is original and basically minimalist, with well-defined proportions between bodywork and glass, underlined by the huge wheels up to 22 inches. The essential approach also continues internally.

Here stands the gigantic 17.1-inch touch display that can be rotated vertically or horizontally, so as to please everyone. There is no shortage of hi-tech goodies such as solar panels on the roof to increase autonomy, or electric windows also in the rear and in the rear window, without neglecting a great attention to sustainability: Fisker stated that the car is built with many recycled materials and that, thanks also to the recycling of batteries, intends to make it carbon neutral by 2027. Among other promises, the one concerning the currently fastest digital radar in the automotive industry, or the camera system that together with the parking assistant prevents of scratching the rims on the pavement. Obviously, the driving assistance systems are also announced at the state of the art, but we will talk about all these features when there will be the final details of the Italian versions.

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