For the LPG tanks and the tow hooks, testing by the Civil Motorization is no longer required

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Every so many comes a little piece of good news for the harassed category of motorists. From today, in fact, it is no longer necessary to have tow hooks, LPG tanks and other modifications tested by the Civil Motorization, including those for the double controls of cars intended for driving schools and adaptations for the disabled. This is because on February 14 the relative Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport was published in the Official Journal concerning “Innovations in the field of verification of changes in the constructive and functional characteristics of vehicles and updating of the registration certificate” and which includes “The replacement of the LPG tank of the bifuel or monofuel fuel system”. From now on, therefore, the authorized car repair shops can also manage the administrative procedures of verification and testing on the ten-year replacement of LPG tanks without having to go through the Civil Motorizations.

“The ministerial decree published today is excellent news for the sector and for the many Italian motorists who have chosen LPG. We want to underline the fruitful work carried out by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport which has made it possible to achieve a real administrative simplification. The new decree, in fact, will decongest the activity of the Civil Motorizations, because, like what happens for car inspections, the Ministry allows the private accredited by it to carry out the work and practices, while maintaining and exercising a fundamental inspection and control activity “commented Andrea Arzà, President of Assogasliquidi / Federchimica, who then recalled that LPG-powered cars are among the few that can be used even on ecological Sundays.

However, there remains the need to update the registration certificate after the changes made, by submitting an application within 30 days of completion of the work directly from the owner of the vehicle or from an auto practices agency. Instead of the previous visit and test of the Motorization, the declaration of execution of the work to perfection by one of the workshops accredited by the Ministry of Transport will suffice. Those who submitted applications before last Sunday will benefit from a transitional regime. In this regard, the Civil Motorization informs that “the applications already submitted can be defined with the new procedure provided that the application is suitably integrated and made compliant with the provisions of the decree, with particular reference to the accreditation of the workshop and the related declarations “.

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