Ford Bronco 6×6, the “crazy idea” of the Maxlider brothers specialized in the transformation of the Blue Oval SUV

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The vitaminized SUV of over 110,000 euros per axle will arrive in 2022. And it will not be electric. It will be an exaggerated version of the reborn Ford Bronco made by the workshop of the Maxlider brothers, Erik and Kris, who have a weakness for this model. They restore them, buy them, set them up. And, as in the case of the 6×6, they even invent new ones. The two have a predilection for off-road vehicles and the Blue Oval pick-up, but the Bronco – produced for just over thirty years, between 1965 and 1996, before being retired and then resurrected in 2020 – is a sort of muse.

Maxlider Brothers Customs, which works in Bloomington, just over 200 kilometers southwest of Chicago, Illinois, anticipates through its social channels – such as Instagram – that the new version is already bookable. The cost is no less than 399,000 dollars, or about 334,000 euros at the current exchange rate, most likely excluding taxes. “The Maxlider Brothers Customs team really wants to match these vehicles to the right owners,” the site reads.

Where, at least for now, there are no technical details related to the spectacular Ford Bronco 6×6. The photos reveal an SUV extended at the rear and yet with aesthetically more than acceptable proportions, made even more pleasant by the presence of the inevitable band of additional headlights on the roof. About the dimensions we can only make assumptions: the three-axle Mercedes G 63 AMG is close to 590 centimeters, about a meter more than the original with “only” four wheels. The sixth generation of the long-wheelbase (four-door) Ford Bronco measures just over 480 and while probably being shorter than the SUV with the Star it should easily exceed five and a half meters. Far more important seem to be the potential of the vehicle away from the asphalt: thanks to huge wheels (BF Goodrich tires) with 20 ” rims and special modified suspension and shock absorbers. Proposed with this body, it is unlikely that the SUV will be able to mount the original engines under the hood, the most powerful of which is the 2.7-liter 542 Hp dual-turbocharged EcoBoost. For the moment there is only to wait for further communications from the company of the two American brothers.

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