Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, proof: the (electric) wild horse runs even faster

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If you find it hard to get used to the fact that the Mustang is no longer just the American sports car par excellence but also a 100% electric crossover, that difficulty will increase even further. The new variable of the Ford electrification formula is called Mach-E GT, which is the faster and more muscular version of the already brilliant electron Mustang, which is also enjoying great appreciation. With over 700 units sold in Italy since last January “we have exceeded our wildest expectations and this only confirms the quality of the product” said Fabrizio Faltoni, CEO and President of Ford Italy during the road test dedicated to the press, adding that the goal is to close 2021 with 1,000 pieces sold, to then grow again in 2022. A success that affects all markets, so much so that in Dearborn they are thinking about the opportunity to increase production capacity, chip permitting.

But the commercial and industrial aspects, as interesting as they may be, suddenly lose their appeal when faced with the new Mach-E GT.

Of course the original Mustang is something else, but this is certainly one of the most beautiful sports SUVs around and the new aesthetic details – matching wheel arches, 3D effect grille, specific bumper with additional air intakes, 20-inch wheels – make it even more aggressive, especially by choosing the two new dedicated colors, a blue and an orange that stand out against the general grayness of the traffic. The innovations continue passing from aesthetics to substance, with the 88 kWh battery and 500 km of autonomy, but above all with the 487 hp and 860 Nm of torque of the two electric motors (one per axle) that project the Mustang from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, discharging all the thrust perfectly to the ground thanks to the four-wheel drive and Pirelli tires with a customized and exclusively developed compound.

Speaking of Italian companies, Brembo signs the braking system with a lot of writing in plain sight on the red calipers that bite the huge 385 mm front discs. After all, to stop correctly twenty-three very fast quintals, no compromises can be made, but it must be said that the Mach-E GT does not make any in any field. From a qualitative point of view it is probably the best Ford ever, so much so that the interior makes one think instantly of being in a premium car. The quality perceived inside is much higher than the brand’s average and the 15.5-inch vertical display in the center of the dashboard captures all the attention. It is very sensitive, has nice graphics and is fast, thanks to the latest generation of SYNC infotainment. The software uses machine learning to record preferences and turn them into suggestions, updates over-the-air, is always connected to the cloud and to the user’s smartphone. The personal device can be used instead of the key: a numeric keypad appears on the pillar and the car opens like a safe.

The driving qualities are also of absolute importance and in truth they were already excellent in the Mach-E without the Gran Turismo logo. Here they have been expanded and refined. On a purely performance level, its effectiveness on the road is almost embarrassed: the Mustang quickly enters corners, is glued to the ground while traveling and comes out like a cannonball. It almost never breaks down, both for the work of the electronics and for that of the magnetorheological suspensions that stiffen only when needed. If there was a policeman on board, he would snatch the driver’s license within the first kilometer. But since it’s not there, you can appreciate the precision and consistency of the steering, as well as the power of the brakes that never go short. Then there are the four riding modes, which release the reins (in crescendo) to the wild horse that dominates the grille.

To put it in the stable, or in the garage, it takes more than

70,000 euros, with which you get a very complete standard equipment, including the B&O stereo system with 10 speakers and sports seats.

Ford Mustang Mach-E GT – the card

What is that: the most elegant and high-performance version of the first new generation Ford electric

Dimensions: length 4.71 meters, width 1.88 m height 1.60 m, pitch 2.98 m

Trunk: 483 liters

Motor: electric, maximum power 487 CV, maximum torque 860 Nm

Exchange: automatic with a single ratio

Traction: whole wheat

Advantages: style, driving precision, technology, performance

Defects: non-customizable instrument display, non-adjustable engine brake

Production: Cuautitlan, Mexico

Prices: The price list of the Mustang Mach-E GT starts at 74,500 euros, while for the normal two-wheel drive version it takes 49,900 euros

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