Ford studies high-resolution headlights that project directions onto the asphalt

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The new technologies are very suggestive and aimed at stimulating buyers, but they are not always faultless from the point of view of practicality and effectiveness. A striking case is that of the “touch” or touch controls, which give a refined and futuristic touch to the design and interiors but, in some cases, can be distracting. So much so that some car manufacturers are doing a partial reverse gear by returning to offer, for the most frequently used functions, more intelligible mechanical knobs or switches.

The head-up display, that is, the system that projects the main information regarding the operation of the car on the windscreen, on the other hand, is an effective solution already in the premises. But it can be perfected. For example, there are manufacturers, such as Mercedes, who have been offering systems for some time that process the vision so that the data, instead of being displayed on the surface of the crystal, appears as if they were “projected” about ten meters in front of the car, in so as not to force the driver to focus differently from the one he uses for driving.

Ford is experimenting with a new technology called “high-resolution headlights”. In practice, the information really appears in front of the car, not thanks to an emulation function but because it is really projected by the car’s lighting system, thus allowing the driver to really keep his eyes fixed on the roadway: an advantage not to be given. not much, since a vehicle traveling at 90 km / h travels 25 meters per second, so even a very short distraction can be very risky.

Obviously this function would be an integration of the normal head-up display because it can only be used in the dark but, after all, it is precisely at night that they occur. In England, for example, where Ford is testing, it is estimated that 40% of collisions occur when darkness falls. A surprisingly high percentage since the number of cars on the roads is reduced at night.

Through its pictograms, Ford’s high-resolution headlight system, in addition to providing navigation directions and indicating speed limits, can also signal changes in weather, grip problems and more. Such as, for example, projecting the overall dimensions of the car to the ground to facilitate maneuvers.

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