Frangivento Sorpasso: here is the new hypercar made in Turin

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Sorpasso: this is the name of the latest high-performance creation by Frangivento, a small Turin atelier led by Paolo Mancini and Giorgio Pirolo. This is a coupé or, as they are called by the parts of Maranello, a berlinetta: the car will be offered in two versions, called Stradale and GTXX, with the first deliveries scheduled for the month of July.

The Stradale, pictured, has more elegant lines, while the GTXX – which will be unveiled at a later time – will have specific aerodynamic features (including a rear wing to increase the vertical load at high speeds) and designed for a sportier use. Limited overall mass: thanks to the use of carbon fiber, the total weight is limited to 1,300 kg. Inside there is an infotelematic system developed by the Italian Sistemevo, equipped with artificial intelligence and advanced voice commands.

The mechanics, on the other hand, use a V10 engine: that of the Stradale is atmospheric and delivers 610 HP of maximum power, while on the GTXX the same V10 is “troubled” and touches 850 HP, good for burning the 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, touch the 200 per hour in 9.3 and go up to 345 km / h of maximum speed. Furthermore, on the GTXX it will be possible to replace the two “Xs” with a name of your choice. Prices not declared but, presumably, at the height of exclusivity and performance.

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