Free2Move eSolutions, from Stellantis a new company dedicated to electricity and charging systems

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The estimates are now clear: by 2030 30% of cars in Europe will be electrified, which translates into 30 million hybrid and full electric vehicles to be powered and 900 gigawatts of energy to be supplied. Numbers that make it essential to get to work not only on cars, but also on the infrastructural network and charging systems, and it is for this reason that Stellantis has also decided to dedicate an entire “section” to electric mobility.

This was the starting point for the joint venture with Engie Eps, which created a company that aims to “support and facilitate the transition to e-mobility, offering innovative and tailor-made electrical solutions for both private customers and corporate ones “.

Renamed Free2Move eSolutions, it was officially born on May 3 and has six members of the board of directors, led by executive chairman Carlalberto Guglielminotti (from Engie EPS and Young Global Leader 2020 of the World Economic Forum) and by CEO Roberto Di Stefano, from by Stellantis. One step more than what has been done to date in an attempt to become a reference point not only from a technical point of view (cars, engines and batteries) but also for the design, construction and distribution of products and services dedicated to electric mobility.

All the offers (and efforts) of the company, they explained at the presentation, will be dedicated to e-mobility: from the easyWallbox, the plug & play home recharge of simple installation suitable for private use, to the eProWallbox, a recharging device intelligent, flexible and connected that works up to 22 kW and allows users and fleet managers to be easily and remotely controlled via a digital platform.

Then there is the ePublic, for outdoor installation in public and semi-public environments, while the eFleet, thanks to a fast charging system and V2G services to electric cars, buses and trucks with a single product, is the more flexible version.

For service stations, hotels, shops and small fleets, the company has instead thought of eFast products, which will allow fast charging – up to 100 kilometers in less than 30 minutes – combining technological innovation and sustainability using regenerated batteries from the automotive sector. but the real novelty is ePost CityWay, the patented fast charging solution that exploits the existing tram and trolley bus infrastructures to offer recharging in urban contexts where the transformation of the network and civil works are impossible.

From infrastructure we then move on to supply, with monthly fixed-fee subscriptions to recharge electric vehicles at home and on the road and offers tailored to the consumer’s charging habits focused on 100% sustainable energy.

“Free2Move eSolutions is the meeting point between the world of energy and the automotive one, it combines the know-how of Engie EPS, a global player in microgrids and technologies for energy storage, and the experience of Stellantis, one of the leading international automotive groups “, said Guglielminotti, while Di Stefano clarified that” Free2Move eSolutions does not want to be a traditional supplier, a simple seller of services related to mobility. Instead, it wants to become something more, accelerate the energy transition and become the reference point in the sector: a global partner that interacts closely with customers, that is, with anyone who uses an electric or electrified means of transport to get around “.

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