From Sixs, the jersey that fights the heat with carbon fiber

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Lightweight and breathable. Its name is “TS2L BT” and is the latest invention from Sixs, a brand specializing in underwear for sports. Its characteristic is in the carbon thread inserted into the weave of the technical fabrics used to make the garments UV-proof (like a 50 protection cream), antibacterial and antistatic. Motorcyclists know how important underwear is, especially when it has to be worn for whole days under protective jackets: clothing that is not exactly ideal for facing the scorching heat of the summer season.

How it is made
The «TS2L BT» is a slim-fit, long-sleeved crewneck sweater that is stretched to fit snugly against the body. In the catalog, there are the white versions and the tried-and-tested one, a mélange on the gray, with black inserts on the shoulders and sleeves, as well as on the edges of the collar and cuffs. The design seems identical to the previous models, but just take it in your hand to feel the difference: it weighs 27 per cent less than the shirt it replaces, in «SuperLight» fabric. This is thanks to the latest innovation from Sixs, the “Light breezy touch”, which guarantees 20 percent more breathability than the previous model. The idea of ​​wearing a long-sleeved shirt in the summer in the heat might seem worthy of a straitjacket, but it isn’t. Of course, the short sleeves allow the arms to be reached by the air directly, but for this very reason they nullify the general thermoregulatory effect offered by the garment. But as always, everyone has to deal with their body and their sensations.

How are you
The test took place over several days, alternating in the same session routes on the motorway, on state and city roads, interspersed with some stops. Always worn under jackets with protections on shoulders and elbows and back protector, with temperatures between 27 and 31 degrees. At high speeds (again according to the code), the body is less subject to heating, as long as you wear a sufficiently ventilated jacket. It is the best condition, where the task of the «TS2L BT» is simpler: less heat, less sweat, less problematic thermoregulation.

By lowering the speed, the sensation (and not only) of heat increases. And it is precisely in that situation that the «TS2L BT» proves its worth. Let’s be clear: no garment in the world (at least at affordable figures) prevents you from sweating, but the Sixs jersey manages to transport the heat outside without absorbing it. The stops between one transfer and the next made it possible to appreciate the “refreshing” effect: a few minutes of pause (in the shade) at a bar table was enough to make the sensation of heat perceived until a few moments before vanish. And for those who ride a motorcycle, this is already a great result: it’s a good feeling not to feel like a sweaty bison after a ride on the prairie. Irony aside, the shirt offers comfort and lightness, combined with the “miracle” of relieving the sensation of heat on the hottest days.

One last note concerns the cleaning of the shirt. Washing can also be done by hand in cold water, with a few drops of detergent or with a little Marseille soap. If squeezed well, the «TS2L BT» dries overnight. This can also be helpful in assessing how many jerseys to take on the trip, especially when luggage is reduced to a minimum.

The price

TS2L BT: 65 euros

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