From the stroller for the newborn to the delivery of goods: Hyundai’s robot of the future at Ces in Las Vegas

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There will also be Hyundai’s vision of the future at Ces 2022, the maxi event dedicated to technology in Las Vegas, a vision that revolves around the concept of “Expanding Human Reach”, what in Hyundai’s words illustrates “how robotics will complete the metaverse becoming a medium that connects the virtual world to reality and will overcome the physical limitations of movement as regards time and space ”.

During the event, Hyundai will also unveil the new MobED live, an acronym for “Mobile Eccentric Droid”: a small motorized platform on which the automaker is fine-tuned to respond to different needs for mobility, delivery of goods and support. So versatile, they explain from Hyundai, that it can also be used as a stroller, entrusting a robot, in fact, with the task of carrying the cradle and the newborn.

What is MobEd

67cm long and 60cm wide, MobED weighs 50kg and has four twelve-inch wheels that move independently. A complex suspension system guarantees the central body an optimal balance and stability even in the presence of unevenness, while the maximum speed is 30 km / h. The 2 kWh battery guarantees four hours of riding on a single charge.

Designed to be as versatile and modular as possible, MobED can be used for various applications depending on the device mounted, but Hyundai believes that the platform wheel adjustment, compact size and low vibration are an ideal technology solution especially for deliveries, filming and assistance. The platform can in fact also be used for service robots capable of operating both indoors and outdoors, and as a mobility device for the elderly and handicapped (when it is developed to the point where it can be assembled), as a vehicle for free time or, indeed, as a stroller.

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