From Tier Mobility comes the first sharing scooter with an integrated helmet

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Tier Mobility is preparing to launch a new sharing scooter on the Italian market that raises the level of safety, thanks to the direction lights but above all the integrated helmet, which is located in a special housing under the handlebar. The service is already active in Bari and Palermo, but will soon be extended to several other Italian cities. The standard rate includes an unlocking cost of 1 euro and a price per minute that varies from 15 to 22 cents, but you can also buy cheaper packages. The scooter is equipped with an integrated helmet, 360 ° visible direction lights, 12-inch wheels and front suspension for a stable ride. It features three drum brakes with a non-slip handlebar and is tested to have an average life of at least five years.

The batteries are interchangeable and replaceable directly on the road, a feature that significantly affects the reduction of the environmental impact of operations. The company founded in 2018 in Berlin operates in over one hundred and sixty cities located in seventeen countries in Europe and the Middle East; in Italy it will launch its new sharing service thanks to the acquisition of the company Vento Mobility srl which provides the services through the commercial brand Wind Mobility. Tier Mobility is currently one of the leaders in micro-mobility and has a range of light electric vehicles ranging from electric scooters, e-bikes to electric scooters, all powered by its own energy network.

The goal of the Berlin-based company is to provide innovative and sustainable but also safe mobility solutions. “We are very pleased to enter the Italian market which we consider important for our development” said Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co-founder of Tier Mobility, while the General Manager for Italy, Saverio Galardi added “The Italian market is one of the most interesting and with the greatest development potential in Europe. We will be able to combine Tier Mobility’s cutting-edge technology and organization with the experience and knowledge of the needs of Italian cities, gained by Wind Mobility over the years, offering an innovative and efficient service “.

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