GAC Van Life, the Chinese concept of the electric camper

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A cross between a submarine and a spaceship: the horizontal supporting structure is an Orbital Frame Concept. It is the GAC Van Life, the second concept of the futuristic Car Culture Series range, the first example of which was the #1 – Barchetta exhibited at the inauguration of the first European Center for Design and Research and Development, which took place last October in Milan at the premises in via Tortona which belonged to the photographer, writer and poet Giovanni Gastel.

The GAC Car Culture Series #2 prototype is a futuristic electric camper exhibited not at the Shanghai Motor Show, but at Milan Design Week. The French heads of the Advanced Design Center in Milan, Stephane Janin and Yann Jarsalle, both with backgrounds in the Renault Nissan Alliance, also collaborated on the development of its exterior and interior.

Thanks to the adoption of a hypothesized solid-state battery (which in any case will not be available on the market before 2025 and more likely a few years later), the leisure vehicle is credited with a range of up to 2,000 kilometres. And among other things also self-driving: the celestial vault and the position of the stars should also be valid as reference points, as in the past, when the normal GPS signal is not available.

In GAC’s vision, it is a vehicle for long journeys, almost for exploration given that the very special wheels adapt to any type of surface and partly recall the transformations of the Japanese ufo robots such as Grendizer, whose designer Gosaku Ota disappeared at the beginning of the year. Van Life naturally also has a very low environmental impact. Not only because the power supply is zero-emissions, but also because the materials are sustainable, i.e. recycled and long-lasting.

The camper appears functional and comfortable, with a series of solutions that allow you to sleep and live inside the passenger compartment (a flat surface for sleeping is provided behind the front seats, but there are other customization options: from the screen to the seats ), which can only be accessed from the rear on the right-hand side. At the rear you can sense a large tailgate. When the vehicle is stationary, the table and drawers can be removed from the platform to enhance the open-air dimension of the Van Life with a Chinese passport but a European identity.

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