GFG Style designs the Laffite Automobili range of hypercars

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Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, alias GFG Style, sign the design and planning of the new electron racing cars of the Italian Laffite Automobili, presented in the same week as the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami. These are five models of 100% electric hypercars.

In less than six months, GFG Style has created a new stylistic family feeling, coherently and declined for each of the cars: the “Atrax” is an extreme hyper SUV for off-road use, of which there is also a more road-oriented version, called the “Atrax Stradale ».

The “Barchetta”, on the other hand, has a double windscreen and separate cockpit and, with the closed variant, changes its appearance to become a “Barchetta Coupé”. Finally, the Laffite LM1 is a sports bike derived from endurance racing but approved for road use.

«I created the architecture and design setting for the “new family of hypercars” by identifying the stylistic features capable of characterizing the new Laffite Automobili brand, applying them to all five models», explains Fabrizio Giugiaro: «This was my true challenge, to design original cars with completely different and unique characteristics».

It should be noted that the fronts of all the models in question have the same design sequence: lower spoilers, horizontal bar that integrates the optical groups and the air outlets on the well-modelled bonnets; but it is above all the DRL lights on that give the real distinctive sign.

«Everything has been interpreted by drawing inspiration from the safety innovations adopted in motor racing», says Fabrizio Giugiaro: «Even if it is clearly evident on the Barchetta, it is the true distinctive feature of the whole brand. On the sides, the B-pillars have the same graphic pattern, but decidedly different proportions and functions».

The rear of the cars, on the other hand, are more personalized with many functional elements in common: such as the aerodynamic diffusers and the spoilers, which integrate the typical Formula 1 taillight. As for the interior, the stylistic language has the same characteristics for all models, using the same elements.

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