Giulia Estrema, the first global special series of the Biscione, the Alfa Romeo for driving purists

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Carbon inserts, Alcantara seats and, above all, active suspension. These are the elements that characterize Alfa Romeo’s first global special series (which is also a limited edition) for the Giulia sedan and the Stelvio SUV. The new variant is called Estrema and, as informed by the manufacturer, which returned last year with 55,000 units registered, is dedicated to the “driving purists”. Both models have four-wheel drive and are also fitted with a self-locking differential, which is not, however, an absolute novelty because it is available on request on the Veloce, a variant on which the Estrema was developed, and is standard on the high-performance Quadrifoglio version.

The suggestion of the presentation is also in the location chosen by Biscione, which in Hinwil opened the headquarters of Sauber, the Alfa Romeo Team Orlen team engaged in Formula 1 in Hinwil. The manufacturer speaks of an “intense collaboration to make the most of the know-how of Formula 1 and developing new strategic assets “.

It is in the elevated wind tunnel of the building built in the industrial area of ​​this village of less than 12,000 inhabitants in the Zurich area, a few kilometers from the lake on whose banks dream villas overlook, that the racing cars are developed. And it is also there that, among the many activities that include the 3D printing of aluminum and titanium, there is also the large simulator in which the data collected during the races flow and which are then crossed with those of the put together during the virtual tests to prepare and analyze the grand prix.

The connection between the extreme performance of the team and Alfa Romeo’s “driving purists” is important in order to enhance the great historical heritage of the brand again. Both the sedan and the Stelvio in the Extreme version are available with a petrol and a diesel engine, both supercharged. These are the 280 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder and the 210 hp 2.2-liter turbodiesel. The carbon fiber used to lighten and embellish the car that winks at those who focus on substance rather than appearance is found not only externally, on the mirrors and on the front trilobe, but also internally, where it was used for various finishes, where the seats are in Alcantara, the Italian company (Japanese-owned) engaged in the war against greenwashing (the ecologism of the façade) and where red stitching appears in contrast with leather inserts for the dashboard, steering wheel, gearbox and for the same seats.

The Giulia is fitted with 19 ” alloy wheels (21 ” on the Stelvio). The special series is also characterized by the dark tones of the “Extreme” sign on the bumpers, rims and brake calipers, strictly black. The standard equipment also includes the Harman Kardon audio system with 14 speakers.

The postcard landscape of the canton of Zurich, the financial heart of the country, the almost perfect asphalt of the roads and some delightful curves invite you to push on the accelerator to confirm the convincing set-up of the Giulia, but the presence of speed cameras suggests prudently to avoid to do it. A stop in front of the abbey of Einsiedeln, the largest Marian sanctuary in Switzerland, with a monumental monastery annexed, also allows you to enjoy the unusual spring temperatures and also allows the visitors of the village, like everyone else, to give a look at the new Alphas. The Alfa sedan once more demonstrates the smoothness of the automatic transmission, the road holding, the extraordinary agility when exiting corners and the precision of the steering. Alfa Romeo, on the other hand, still has to catch up with its German premium rivals in terms of equipment.


What is that: The Extreme variant of the Giulia (and also of the Suv Stelvio) is the first global special series (and also limited by a few thousand units) launched by Alfa Romeo. It is a declination based on the Veloce which is inserted at the top of the “ordinary” range. Above there is only the Quadrifoglio.

Main competitors: BMW 3 Series, Jaguar XE, Mercedes C-Class, Audi A4.

Dimensions: length 4.64 meters, width 1.86, height 1.44, pitch 2.82.

Motor: 4-cylinder 2.0 turbo petrol engine with 280 HP of power and 400 Nm of torque. The special Extreme series is also available with the 2.2-liter supercharged diesel engine with 210 Hp and 470 Nm of torque. With current prices, especially at the wheel of the 280 hp variant, it is better not to overdo it with the accelerator because with a liter you travel between 12 and 13 kilometers (over 18 with the turbodiesel.

Exchange: 8-speed automatic.

Traction: whole wheat.

Advantages: trim, steering, driving dynamics

Defects: navigator, equipment

Performance: 240 km / h top speed, acceleration “0-100” in 5.2 seconds.

Prices: from 69,200 euros for the variant with the 280 bhp turbo petrol, which go down to 67,000 for the declination equipped with the 210 turbo diesel. The list of similar versions of the Stelvio starts from 77,000 and 75,400 euros respectively.

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