Goodyear presents a 90% sustainable tire: “By 2030 we will go 100%”

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A tire made with 90% low environmental impact materials: Goodyear presented it taking advantage of CES 2023, the fair dedicated to technological innovations taking place in Las Vegas from 5 to 8 January. The company has unveiled the demonstration concept, announcing that the prototype has passed US Department of Transportation tests and has been approved for road use, confirming its intention to bring it to market as soon as possible.

Goodyear’s concept comes just one year after announcing it was making another concept tyre, which stood at 70% sustainable materials in 2022. This type of tire will officially go into production in 2023 and will be tested by some of the American company’s partner suppliers. In the meantime, the process continues to find the materials needed to produce the variant containing 90% sustainable materials on a large scale, which in tests has shown less rolling resistance than traditional ones, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

What the new Goodyear concept tire is made of

The concept consists of 17 “ingredients” used in 12 different tire components. Among the materials used are carbon black, included to strengthen the compound and increase its life and traditionally produced by burning various types of petroleum-derived products; soybean oil (usually used for food purposes, but of which Goodyear exploits the surplus), which helps keep the compound flexible to changes in temperature; silica produced from rice husks, often used to improve grip and reduce fuel consumption; polyester, recycled from used bottles and used for tire cords; and more bio-renewable pine resins, and recycled steel to produce bead wires and steel ropes.

To date, 8 ranges of Goodyear tires and some Racing models include soybean oil. The company’s goal is to introduce a 100% sustainable tire to the market by 2023: “Last year was a crucial year for the development of this project – said Chris Helsel, senior vice president, global operations and Goodyear chief technology officer – We have studied new technologies, identified new partnerships to accelerate the process of not only making a tire with 90% low environmental impact materials, but also producing in limited series a tire made with 70% sustainable materials”.

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