Harley-Davidson Sportster S, the revolution has broken out in Milwaukee

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The new Harley-Davidson Sportster S completely cuts ties with the past of a model that has remained conceptually the same for over sixty years. The “Sporty” in fact is a kind of institution in the Milwaukee range, having been in production since 1957. This Sportster S, therefore, has nothing to do with the previous one, starting with the engine, the heart of every motorcycle from any side of the ‘Ocean. It is still a longitudinal V-twin, but is liquid-cooled and has 4-valve per cylinder distribution with double overhead camshafts. It is called V-Twin Revolution Max 1250T and derives from the unit that debuted on the Pan-America, compared to which it has lost a few horsepower: they are 121 instead of 150, but the 125 Nm of torque (instead of 128), are delivered more in lower and more smoothly, from an engine that still runs up to 9,500 rpm.

Furthermore, the engine is a load-bearing element and supports the front of the frame, the central element and the tail section. In this way the necessary rigidity is guaranteed, but also the weight which is 228 kg in running order decreases, almost a feather for the canons of Wisconsin motorcycles. “This bike sets a new standard of performance for the Sportster range and is part of our commitment to introducing motorcycles in line with our strategy of increasing the appeal and carrying on the legacy of the brand,” he said of the new Sportster S Jochen Zeitz, president and CEO of Harley-Davidson. Speaking of style, too, the revolution is clear-cut, with the fuel tank and rear section framing the engine. The massive front tire is in classic bobber style and is accompanied by a high exhaust with the thin single-seater saddle, the latter inspired by the world of flat track and the legendary XR750.

Compared to the past, the character is much sportier, the performance much higher and it is no coincidence that Zeitz commented “It is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it is a wolf in a wolf’s clothing.” The rear shock absorber – both supplied by Showa – can be adjusted in preload with the external knob. The braking system is by Brembo, with a single disc at the front but equipped with a four-piston monobloc radial caliper. The wheel rims are made of aluminum, with specially developed Dunlop GT503 tires. The seat height is 755 mm: low enough to allow most riders to put their foot on the ground when parked. The technological equipment also includes a 4-inch TFT display , a USB-C port, Bluetooth connection, three engine maps, abs cornrering and traction control. The Harley-Davidson Sportster S goes on sale in the fall with a recommended retail price. to starting from 15,900 euros.

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