Helbiz invents the “anti-cunning” scooter

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Fifteen kilos, 500 watt motor, rear light and LED display, integrated direction indicators, shock absorbers and system bluetooth, complete with a mobile application to manage the three driving modes (eco, city and sport). AND Helbiz One-S, scooter intended for city sharing, built entirely in Italy. But above all, he is the only “intelligent” one. “We have worked on safety, for us this is the most important message”, says Emanuele Liatti, chief product officer of the multinational based in New York and heart (design) in Italy. The company manages 20,000 vehicles including bicycles, scooters and electric mopeds offered in sharing in 40 cities around the world.

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For the world premiere, the company has chosen Eicma in Milan, the world stage for the novelties on two wheels. «The frame has been designed to offer safety and stability – says Liatti -. It has an elongated and enlarged platform and a speed limited to 20 kilometers per hour ». In addition, One-S is governed by “IoT”, which can be defined as “the brain»Of the scooter, connected to a gps sensor And two “anti-cunning” cameras. Liatti again: “The locator reads the position in real time and detects whether the scooter is on a reserved lane or in a pedestrian area, where the system automatically limits the speed to 6 kilometers per hour”.

But just stroll around any city to witness any type of stunt on a scooter, from trips in two or three on the platform, to wheelies, to slalom on the sidewalks. “To avoid these illegal uses we have fixed one camera aimed at the street in front of the vehicle e one towards the driver. The images will be processed by the “IoT”, which will provide stop the scooter if it will be used On Pavement or if the platform will carry more than one person“. What if someone decides to black out the cameras? «Simple, the scooter doesn’t even start», explains Liatti, who has already patented the system of «fines for those who do not respect the rules. The customers of the service sign a contract, where they commit themselves to a legal use of the vehicle. When this does not happen, there are penalties to pay ».

Helbiz has also provided a version intended for sale: the cost is 1100 euros, which can be pre-ordered with an advance of 13 euros, refundable at any time. Customers will also receive free insurance for the first year. Production is scheduled for 2022the first examples will be reserved for the American market.

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