Here comes the update of Android Auto, with more functions and a new look

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Among the many gadgets and many technologies presented at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, there is also the updated version of Android Auto, i.e. the Google software that allows all smartphones with the Mountain View operating system to connect to the infotainment of compatible cars, now practically all new ones. We’ve been talking about this update since last May and now it’s finally available. His
codename is “Codewolw” and there are many new features, both aesthetic and functional. Starting from the aesthetics, the home page has been completely renewed, with more information at your fingertips and easier access to the most important information; access that takes place without having to scroll from page to page or search through the different menus.

Google Maps, which is undoubtedly one of the most used functions, is now located closer to the driver. Then there are a new multimedia tab where you can also see the covers of your favorite albums and an unprecedented quick start menu that allows you to quickly recall
recently used apps. Another novelty is the possibility of dividing the screen in various ways, even in three portions if desired. Turning instead to the features implemented, Google Assistant is able to provide intelligent suggestions, such as reminders for missed calls, instant access to music and podcasts and quick display of arrival time. The shortcuts for replying to messages and for calling your favorite contacts are also making their debut, as well as the progress bar for songs and podcasts, to quickly find a precise point.

The latest news concerns compatibility with Whatsapp which is becoming more and more complete and which now also allows you to make voice calls directly from Android Auto. As in the past, the update will first be made available on the American market and then in the rest of the world. To get it, just download it directly from the Play Store. Finally, Google has announced the list of brands that use Android Automotive as the basis for their infotainment system
it is continuing to grow. Honda will be next to join Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Polestar and Volvo, but Ford and Lincoln will also join in the second half of 2023.

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