Hertz and Garage Italia still celebrate Made in Italy: two new mini fleets as a tribute to Abarth

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After the Spiaggine for the summer, Hertz further expands the premium fleet of Selezione Italia with two new exclusive proposals born of the collaboration with Garage Italia and presented on the Valleluga circuit.

The first of the two novelties is historic and features the Fiat 500 “Carlo” Icon-E: the iconic “cinquino” has been aesthetically restored by Garage Italia, while Newton Group has taken care of the green conversion by developing the unit. electric. The Icon-E is powered by a 9 Kw / h battery that guarantees 120 km of declared autonomy, while the maximum speed is 90 km / h electronically limited to 75.

Alongside the “Carlo” there is the sportier proposal: the Abarth 595 Turismo K-Hertz, the production model with the Kers boost made in a limited edition for Hertz. The car is equipped with a kit for conversion to mild-hybrid technology, which leaves the torque and maximum power values ​​of the original model unchanged. Five liveries for the new sporting proposals, in homage to the “glories” of the past: Turbina, inspired by the 1954 white and red prototype; Tuono, inspired by the 1959 Abarth 750 GT Zagato; Lightning bolt, inspired by the Fiat 131 Abarth Olio Fiat, several times WRC champion between 1976 and 1978; Kappa, inspired by the super classic Robe di Kappa livery that has accompanied the brand over time; and Rent a Racer, inspired by the 1966 American Hertz project starring the Limited Edition Mustang Shelby GT350H.


In addition to the service dedicated to the Fiat 500 Carlo Icon-e, there are also two apps, EVway and nextcharge, through which Hertz customers, after registering, will be able to access a map with the main information on the charging points and start it once they are reached. As already happened with the Spiaggine, ad hoc offers are planned to encourage the registration and use of recharging solutions. The new products from Selezione Italia will initially be available in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Venice, Florence and Rome. The rental includes a basic daily rate (160 euros for the Carlo Icon-E, 170 for the Abarth 595 Turismo) and varying durations from daily, weekend, weekly and monthly rental, and the possibility of personalized delivery to the preferred destination. whether it’s a hotel, office or home.


“I am happy and very satisfied that we were able to characterize the second half of 2021 with these exclusive innovations that our Garage Italia partners have created for us – said Massimiliano Archiapatti, general manager and managing director of Hertz Italia – We want to give a signal important to those who choose us, we want to convey our enthusiasm in a tangible way “.

“We are extremely excited to add a further step to the collaboration between Garage Italia and Hertz, strengthening the strong bond that has united us since 2019 – added Victor Iezuitov, CEO of Garage Italia – Our unity of purpose today takes the form of two new mini fleets that enrich the range of Selezione Italia, in the sign of a common attention to the theme of sustainable mobility through electric redevelopment and the implementation of new technologies such as Kers, without leaving aside the creative and playful spirit that distinguishes each project of Garage Italia “.

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