Honda ZR-V, the new Japanese SUV also arrives in Europe

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Full hybrid, because according to Honda there is a lot of room in Europe for electrified solutions. And at the same time versatile and sporty. The Japanese manufacturer has chosen to make the ZR-V, the new SUV already marketed in China and the United States, as well as Japan, of course, make its debut in the Old Continent this autumn. In the Celestial Empire it is sold under this name by Guangqi Honda and as HR-V by Dongfeng Honda. HR-V is also the name chosen for the American market, which in Europe identifies another model, 4.7 meters long.

The unprecedented SUV was designed to “keep up with today’s busy and active life and is an attractive addition to our SUV range,” explained Yutaka Kato, Large Project Leader of the Japanese company. The letter Z is a reference to the generation, only partially of age, born between the end of the last millennium and the first decade of this one.

Due to its proportions, the model is suitable for the European market, which is “hungry” for SUVs. The Honda ZR-V measures 4.56 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 2.65. The passenger compartment is comfortable and also spacious as well as functional due to several pockets and storage shelves. It is distinguished by soft materials and quality finishes to create a premium environment. Honda guarantees a high level of connectivity thanks to what it presents as “the latest HMI technology” combined with a central 9” screen located in the center of the dashboard upper panel. The boot has a capacity of between 456 and 1,291 litres. The rear compartment has a retractable curtain and a sub-floor.

It’s versatile because it can be driven in town – it’s not too bulky and has a hybrid engine based on a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection and Atkinson cycle combined with two electric motors – and because it has modular spaces. And it’s sporty because, the house of the Rising Sun says, “the DNA of the Civic is present, which inspires the design of the chassis and platform for an engaging, fun and rewarding drive”. To guarantee stability and comfort at the rear, there are suspensions with a multilink scheme.

With the ZR-V, Honda completes the European SUV range by inserting this model between the more compact HR-V (4.34 metres) and the CR-V. The front end, which generally identifies different cars from the same manufacturer, has its own personality and gives the SUV a pleasant and modern look, even if design evaluations are always extremely personal. Honda revealed few technical details and was also very reserved on prices. However, a placement between 40,000 and 45,000 euros appears likely.

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