“Honey I shrunk the Bulli”: the iconic Volkswagen Playmobil version van

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It measures 25 centimeters in length, 11 in width and 13 in height, but does not lose an ounce of charm: for the first time a Volkswagen Bulli has also been designed in Playmobile format, a detailed 1:18 scale reproduction chiseled using a real model. , a 1962 T1 Camper belonging to the collection of Volkswagen Oldtimer Commercial Vehicles in Hanover.

Playmobil opted for simplicity, and decided to call the model simply “Volkswagen T1 Camping Bus”, better known to fans as “Playmo-Bulli”: gray-beige and red sealing wax bodywork, the model is the small mirror of ” Henrik the Red ”, an iconic vehicle from 1962, of which he reproduces all the details, from the folding sofa to the coffee table and lockers that contain food and camping tools.

The powertrain, a classic 4-cylinder boxer engine, was also installed behind the engine compartment door: a tribute to the legendary van born from an inspiration from the Dutch Ben Pon, the first Volkswagen importer, who visited the factories of Wolfsburg saw a bizarre cart set up to transport materials to the factory powered by the Beetle’s engine.

However, the so-called “plattenwagen” could not be used on public roads, because the driver sat in the back of the vehicle, above the engine. Pon had the idea: to create a rounded shape van with the engine in the rear and the steering in the front. He then drew a sketch of the vehicle, and on the basis of the Volkswagen design he designed the Transporter that would become an icon especially in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the Samba (the two-tone version with sunroof and oval glass on the roof) and the Westfalia, camper version, became the favorite means of transport for hippies and “flower children”.

The T1 was produced until 1967, and 1.8 million units came out of the factory: after 54 years, Volkswagen presented the new full electric version, appropriately renamed “e-bulli”.

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