How does a supercar perform on snow and ice? The Maserati MC20 puts its power to the test

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The MC20, Maserati’s new super sports car, is engaged in a series of reliability tests and intensive tests in the cold, on the snow-covered roads of Valtellina and at the Ghiacciodromo di Livigno (SO), the most important snow and ice track in Italy. . During the mission in the cold, the super sports car was tested to evaluate the cold start of the engine, the behavior of the elastic components at low temperatures and the dynamic behavior of the car on cold and low-grip asphalt. The test is also carried out to test the correct functionality of the climate in cold environments; Battery, suspension and brake tests were also carried out. The extreme conditions have not stopped the new MC20, on the contrary they have enhanced the contradictory souls of this car born from the brand’s sporting DNA, but designed for series production.


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