How many tours of Rome are done with 12 electric cars? answers

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“Where am I going with …” a full of electrons? This is more or less the question that all motorists who consider buying an electric car ask themselves. Question to which InsideEVs and tried to answer, verifying the efficiency of electric cars in “real” driving conditions.

«The test took place on one of the most important” circuits “open to traffic in Europe, the Grande Raccordo Anulare (A90) in Rome. The choice was not accidental: the GRA is an urban highway known for its extremely variable traffic with a circulation of 180,000 cars per day “, reads an official note:” Testing electric cars in this context means alternating one motorway cruising speed (130 km / h), with sudden slowdowns and subsequent accelerations, putting both the efficiency of the engine and the energy recovery capacity of the car to the test ».

12 battery-powered cars took part in the maxi-test, so-called “long range”, that is, equipped with accumulators with a capacity greater than 70 kWh. But, with the exception of this data, the models examined are different from each other in terms of price, size and performance. In any case, “the surveys are of interest to all potential buyers in order to know their effective autonomy in realistic travel conditions”.

«The objective of this test is to verify that electric cars for traveling are a market reality. The barrier to overcome in terms of real autonomy is that of 300 kilometers, it being understood that the car alone is not enough and must be accompanied by a high-power charging infrastructure located on the main motorways “, said Alessandro Lago, Director of and «In this sense, Italy is very late and we must hope that in 2022 the many declarations of intent that have been heard for months will materialize. Otherwise we won’t get far with any electric car, regardless of the size of the battery ».

Real range of electric cars, the results of the test of the year

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