Huawei Aito M5, the first electric of the smartphone giant arrives

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From mobile phones to cars. While Apple is still discussing its commercial feasibility, China’s Huawei officially launches into the four-wheeler market. And it does so with the Aito M5, a 100% electric SUV equipped with a range extender, or a heat engine (a four-cylinder 1.5-liter cubic capacity) which, in case of need, acts as a power generator to recharge. the 200 kWh batteries – which can also be recharged from an external power source – which power the drive unit. Aito? It is simply the acronym of “Adding Intelligence to Auto”, adding intelligence to the car.

The Aito M5, whose marketing is scheduled for the beginning of next year (for now only in China), precedes a range of models developed in synergy with Seres, which will take care of the construction of the vehicle: in the viewfinder, not even having to specify, there are Elon Musk’s Tesla, to be fought with price lists that promise to be particularly aggressive. The Aito M5, for example, starts from the equivalent of just under 35 thousand euros, against the 39 thousand of the Model Y, similar in setting.

If desired, then there are the four-wheel drive versions, with maximum power up to 430 HP and autonomy in the Nedc homologation cycle close to 1,200 km. On board the car’s electronic brain is based on the “HarmonyOS” operating system, compatible with any other electronic device by Huawei. And in the center of the dashboard is the 15.6 ”touch screen of the voice-controlled infotelematic system.

There is no shortage of cameras and advanced radar systems that act as electronic eyes for the driver assistance functions. Huawei is not the only Chinese consumer electronics giant that will produce cars: in fact, Xiaomi recently also stated that it will build its own electric.

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