Hyper GT hybrid, the second model of the Californian Czinger

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What is known is much less than what is seen, but the Californian house – the headquarters is in Los Angeles – has already anticipated two models, the second, the Hyper GT, at the Monterey Car Week. Czinger, founded by the homonymous US entrepreneur Kevin together with his son Lukas in 2019, has yet to prove that he is a real manufacturer, because not even the 21C has gone into production.

Of the very sporty two-seater hybrid (the passenger is seated not next to, but behind the rider) with 1,350 hp, just 80 units are expected to be built and delivered starting next year (the news on the timing is discordant: it could already be within the first quarter, but also in the last) at a price of around 2 million euros, excluding taxes and accessories. Starting from 0 to 100 per hour occurs in less than 2 seconds.

In short, the new Hyper GT can wait. But in the meantime the Czinger has teased the exclusive audience of the Californian show with this model without exterior mirrors (replaced by cameras) and with a “seagull wing” opening.

With the 21C (also on the road in Great Britain at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed) the new Hyper GT shares the announced construction technique in 3D, as well as, according to rumors, the power supply. Gzinger speaks of a “powerful hybrid system developed internally”.

The 2.8-liter twin-turbo V8 is expected to be paired with two electric units, although the horsepower should be less. And considering the shapes it cannot be ruled out that the thermal engine will be transferred to the front and those with zero emissions to the rear. The Californian house has made it clear that the Hyper GT “represents the future stylistic language of the Czinger brand”, as if the design of a model not yet produced was already part of history.

In reality, the two cars are already profoundly different, if only for the number of seats, which on the Hyper GT are four. The setting is that of a high-performance car, but with proportions and a more classic setting, almost typical for a Gran Turismo, perhaps even suitable for everyday use. In addition to the exterior mirrors, on the altar of aerodynamics Czinger also sacrificed the handles.

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