Hyundai Mobis patents a “retractable” steering wheel for self-driving cars

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The giant of automotive components Hyundai Mobis, which is part of the South Korean group of the same name, has presented a foldable steering wheel that can be used in future self-driving vehicles of the highest level, that is, those that do not require the presence of man at the controls of the car.

Thanks to the particular shape, the Hyundai Mobis steering wheel can move back and forth for a total travel of 25 cm, and disappears completely by re-entering the dashboard when not in use to free up more space in front of the driver’s seat.

Designed according to the Steer-by-Wire systems, it can interact in an emergency with the sensors and the engine control unit which in self-driving cars is designed to guarantee steering even if problems and malfunctions occur. Hyundai Mobis states in its note that patents for the device are pending worldwide, with the possibility of supplying it – as is already the case with traditional three-spoke steering wheels – to other automakers.

“Hyundai Mobis goes beyond simply reinterpreting existing technologies – said Jang-don Choi, CEO of the chassis and safety business unit at Hyundai Mobis – and instead develops parts and components that apply to the cars of the future in totally new ways. to develop future-oriented innovations based on our core technology know-how “.

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