i Vision Dee, the car that can change up to 32 body colors on command

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All over the world, the most popular colors for cars are white, black and gray, in that order. Partly this is due to a desire not to stand out and partly due to the fact that soberly colored cars are the best performers when it comes to long-term value retention. BMW hopes to solve this color conundrum with a new i Vision Dee concept car that not only changes color on command, but also uses e-ink to create facial expressions with the grille and headlights. It can also project a head-up display across the entire windshield. Unveiled at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas, the BMW i Vision Dee is also surprisingly compact. The new model uses 240 color e-ink panels, each with 32 color options. These are laser cut and applied to the body and wheels with a so-called ePaper film manufactured by the US company E Ink.


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