In 2022, Renault sold less (-9.4%), but better (electrified and segment C)

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Globally in 2022, Renault sold nearly 1.467 million vehicles, including light commercial vehicles (LCVs), 57% of which in Europe. The decrease is 9.4% when compared to the volumes of 2021 purged from those of Russia, a country from which the manufacturer had to withdraw following the sanctions triggered by the invasion. Otherwise the decrease would be seen that in 2021 (-6.7% compared to 2020) Renault had delivered a total of over 1,751 million vehicles. The auto division held up better than that of the LCVs with a global contraction of 8.3% (-8.5% including the Asian operations of Renault Korea Motors).

In presenting the data Fabrice Combolive, the COO of the Losanga, and Raffaelle Fusilli, managing director of Renault Italia, however, focused on the aspects of the Renaulution plan with which the number one of the transalpine group, Luca de Meo, aims to relaunch. Among other things, the rebalancing with Nissan within the Alliance should also be made official by the end of January: the agreement would have been reached on the equal share. Renault, which currently holds more than 43.7% of the Japanese company’s capital, would drop to 15%, which is Nissan’s stake in the French company.

In terms of volumes, France is by far the first market with 336,000 vehicles, but the largest penetration is in Colombia (+20%). With 72,442 vehicles (-19%) Italy is the sixth market.

The positives highlighted by the two managers concern the results obtained in terms of sales to individuals, in the C segment and of electrified vehicles, i.e. full hybrid, plug-in and purely battery-powered, all of which are privileged because they are more profitable than those of fleets, A and B

In the first case in Europe Renault increased from 43 to 53% of volumes against a stable market average of 43%, in the second it grew from 24 to 34%, but with a still wide gap to recover given that in the Old Continent segment C is worth 39%, while in the third it further lengthened. Electrified cars were worth 26% of volumes in 2021 and last year they went to 31%, but Renault, which was already above average (30%), reached 39%. The Italian data are almost superimposable on those provided by Cambolive. Fusilli spoke of a retail share that has risen to 78% (from 75%) against an average that has even dropped from 63 to 59%. He then focused on the ample growth potential in segment C, in which Renault reached 19% (it was 12%), but which accounts for 30% of registrations in the Belpaese. Mild hybrids excluded, the electrified ones have reached a penetration of 18% in Italy, while Renault is at 41% (37% in 2021).

The product is naturally strategic: the arrival of the Arkana (80,000 units registered in 2022, 6,000 of which in Italy) the launch of the electric Megane E-Tech (33,000 units delivered, a thousand in Italy) and the debuting Austral, on which Fusilli matters a lot, they should contribute to the advancement of the brand and the achievement of the objectives of the Renaultion plan. The strategy on the so-called circular economy could also involve Italy: Fusilli confirmed that evaluations are underway for the possible creation of a “re-factory” on the national territory.

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