Jeep, Ram and Fiat join Bono in the fight against pandemics: the special Red versions are coming

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Jeep, Fiat and Ram join forces with Red – founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to transform companies into a weapon in the fight against AIDS – to face pandemics through the launch of new special series, called “Red” , who will support the work of the Global Fund (to date, Red has raised just under $700 million for the Global Fund, helping more than 220 million people) with more than $4 million over the next three years.

“This partnership with Fiat, Jeep and Ram is a powerful tool in the hands of Red in the fight against pandemics and against the indifference that fuels them. It’s hard to believe that 15 years after the founding of Red we are now fighting against another virus, but it’s even harder to see how the “virus” of injustice, which has always characterized the AIDS pandemic, still persists during Covid” , said Bono, co-founder Red: “Less than 5% of the population in Africa is fully vaccinated, while vaccines proliferate in Europe and America. We must do more, and quickly, to support the hundreds of millions of people who still don’t have access to vaccines, treatments or don’t have enough protective equipment. Because until this pandemic is defeated everywhere, no one will be able to feel safe anywhere ”.

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“As the first automotive brands ever to join forces with Red, a leader in the global fight against pandemics, our immediate focus is to launch a call-to-action to help tackle these global health emergencies, including COVID-19,” he said. declared Olivier François, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Stellantis: “This amplification marketing plan aims to obtain through our three unique brands greater impact, greater value, greater awareness for this partnership at a global level, and will allow us to transform four million dollars into something much bigger in the next three years.”

“This is Red’s 15th anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud to launch such an exciting partnership for the coming years. The global reach and creative energy this will generate in the fight against Covid and AIDS is exactly what is needed to help us end the devastating impact of these diseases on millions of people. We are deeply grateful to the many teams that made possible the launch of this project and its effects in the future,” said Jennifer Lotito, President and Chief Operating Officer of Red.

“We are incredibly grateful to Red for forging this invaluable partnership with Fiat, Jeep and Ram,” said Peter Sands, Executive Director of the Global Fund: “At a time when the Covid-19 pandemic threatens to derail the progress made in the fight against HIV, this new partnership will help us provide more communities with the support they need to defeat COVID-19, and protect the progress made against HIV.” Over the course of the three-year commitment, the Jeep, Ram and Fiat brands will offer customers numerous opportunities to support the fight against the pandemic.

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