Jeep, the 4×4 story continues with Renegade and Compass

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Robust, reliable and equipped with four-wheel drive: for the American army these were the main characteristics of the car that was supposed to accompany the troops in the arduous battle scenarios of the Second World War. A vehicle that was capable of tackling rough terrain and fords with ease, the daily bread of reconnaissance patrols. Thus, in 1941, the legendary Willys “Jeep” was born, which was used in thousands of missions. The car was intended for infantry for general purposes, “general purpose”: it is from the pronunciation of the acronym GP that the name Jeep originates, which later became the identifier of an entire type of car. Square and essential: this was the design of the Willys, with the characteristic foldable vertical windscreen. During production, then, the headlights were incorporated into the front grille to be more protected, especially in the most extreme use. Eighty springs have passed since then and Jeep has become an icon of the four-wheeler industry and a certainty for those who love to venture off the asphalt belt. The DNA of Willys – the first mass-produced 4×4 vehicle – has been handed down from generation to generation to the various models that have contributed to enrich the brand’s epic.

Jeep is also the locomotive of the newborn Stellantis group: it goes strong in America, grows in Europe and Asia and is equipped with a range of SUVs – the most popular vehicles in the world – of all sizes. Before Covid, the brand had stabilized on annual sales volumes of around one and a half million units, with the prospect of being able to go beyond two million. Today it produces in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, China and India: to these countries, from 2022, Poland will be added, where the production of a compact entry-level model is planned, which will counterbalance the luxurious and mammoth Wagoneer. and Grand Wagoneer, destined for the States and the People’s Republic. But the foundations of the business will continue to be Renegade and Compass, which have paved the way for the electrification process of the Jeep range with the “4xe” versions, the first two models with plug-in hybrid technology – that is, rechargeable on plug – available. in Europe: they can also operate in 100% electric mode and feature a sophisticated four-wheel drive transmission, with the rear-wheel drive axle powered by an electric engine.

In Europe, the 80th anniversary celebrations will continue throughout 2021 with dedicated events. In addition, the new “80th Anniversary” special editions will be launched: this is a celebratory range declined on Renegade, Compass (which will soon be subject to an aesthetic update, especially inside: the “80th Anniversary” will be the first version to benefit), Wrangler and Gladiator, characterized by dedicated aesthetic details and thermal and plug-in hybrid engines. The first two models of this special series are already available in dealerships this month: the Renegade and the Wrangler. Instead, the special “80th Anniversary” series of Compass and Gladiator will arrive starting in spring. To distinguish them, in addition to the identification badges, will be the seats upholstered in diamond-patterned fabric or black leather with tungsten stitching and the “80th” logo, the glossy black details in the interior, the plate with the logo on the seats and the dedicated alloy wheels.

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