Joe Biden at the Detroit Motor Show: “Buy American”

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The “car guy” is the star of the North American International Auto Show (Naias) in Detroit. This is how Joe Biden, the current president of the United States, had defined himself, even before visiting the show, which returned three and a half years after the last edition, in January 2019, much less global than before. At the almost armored congress palace he repeats it. And he suggests to “buy American”: “Because if we stay together we can do anything”, he says, rattling off figures without the shred of a note and underlining how his administration works to bring semiconductor production back to where they were invented, in the United States . The White House tenant faces the upcoming mid-term elections, scheduled for November. He harangues the audience to gather votes, reminding the importance of unions to workers (“the middle class made America, but the middle class made it unions”) and the extent of his government’s investments in car manufacturers. , represented by the top management. There are Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, the most powerful woman in the world in this sector, Bill Ford, executive president of Ford and great-grandson of the founder, and Carlos Tavares, number one of Stellantis, who controls the American brands Chrysler, Jeep , Dodge and Ram.

Biden insists on climate and carbon neutrality (topics not exactly popular in the car city) highlighting the $ 135 billion destined for the country’s electrified future. “No one will be left behind,” he insists praising engineers and innovators working on the new zero-emission mobility. By 2030, the president is aiming for at least 50% of the domestic market volumes with one-way, plug-in or electric vehicles. Al Naias, which occupies a single pavilion and counts Toyota as the only foreign manufacturer among the exhibitors, there are three electric innovations, the first of which arrives in the middle of next year and none in Europe, and three zero-emission concepts, all ascribe them to General Motors. There are several rechargeable hybrids marked with the 4xe logo exhibited by Jeep that had exhibited the zero-emissions offensive (4 new SUVs by 2025: Avenger, Recon and Wagoneer S the names already made official) before the Show: the Wrangler Willys 4xe and the Grand Cherokee 4xe 30th Anniversary are new.

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The only world premiere also destined for Europe is the Ford Mustang (the only car Jim Morrison has ever owned), moreover with the demanding and conventional 5.0-liter V8, probably with 480 hp (500 in the new Dark Horse declination). . Also on display at the Blue Oval stand are the Bronco, the SUV exhumed after 25 years that will arrive in the Old Continent between 2023 and 2024, and the Lightning pick-up, an electric version of the model that has always been at the top. to the list of the best-selling cars in the US, the F-150. Chevrolet challenges him with its Silverado, which can already be ordered at Naias starting at $ 39,000. In the best of configurations it can reach 640 kilometers of autonomy or almost 670 horsepower. Later the Cravattino will also market the EV variants of the compact Equinox (from 30,000 euros and up to 480 km of distance) and the almost 4.9-meter-long Blazer crossover (from 45,000 dollars). The show cars are the blatantly luxurious Lincoln L100 and the more likely Lincoln Star and Buick Wildcat. Toyota also presents itself with the hydrogen Mirai and the Lexus Rz 450e and does not fail to mention how in the US it has already sold 4.5 million hybrid vehicles, ensuring work for 176,000 people. At least on the days reserved for the media, the Show looks very sober even if above all Stellantis, but Ford too are preparing to attract the attention of the public with spectacular internal circuits to present the potential of their models in extreme off-roading.

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