Kia continues its transformation and tells it at the Milan Design Week

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Transforming from a traditional manufacturer to a provider of mobility solutions is one of the phrases that many car manufacturers have been repeating like a mantra for some years, that is, since the challenge of electrification and the connected car began (while for the autonomous one the times have a bit stretched). Kia is among these, but in his case the theory seems to follow a certain practice and the numbers testify to it. In 2022, in fact, Hyundai Motor Group (of which Kia is part) became the third largest manufacturer in the world, totaling 6.8 million vehicles sold. In this scenario, the Korean company is absolutely focused on the electric car, a sector in which it started practically from scratch but is rapidly catching up “Between today and 2027, Kia will present fourteen new electric models globally and by the same date half of the our production and our sales will be 100% electric” told us the Managing Director of Kia Italia, Giuseppe Bitti, during the Opposite United exhibition.

This exhibition was set up for Milan Design Week 2023 at the Museo della Permanente in Milan, created to give space to the main Italian artistic movements of the 19th and 20th centuries. Kia’s goal, on the other hand, is “To focus attention on movement which is the basis of human development, because it allows you to discover places, meet different people, live new experiences and therefore enrich yourself. This interweaving is the he essence of Kia’s new philosophy is to enable progress by providing innovative in-car spaces, exciting products, as well as helpful and convenient services that delight and inspire customers by allowing them more time to do the things they love most. more in search of flexible, environmentally friendly and integrated forms of transport, so Kia is and will be ready to satisfy them” said Bitti, going deeper.

These are the concepts that the pay-off “Movement that inspires” sums up and to which the other concept “Opposite United” joins. “Kia’s main source of inspiration is nature, with all its contrasts representing its strength. We look to nature when designing our cars, creating a harmony that combines curved and taut lines, using opposing forces to arrive at a balanced result. The EV6 was the first example of the Opposite United philosophy and the second is the EV9 that we have just unveiled» added Bitti, observing with us the works in the exhibition, which takes up and develops the five fundamental aspects of the Opposite United philosophy: “Bold for nature” underlines the integration with nature and with the environment, also from the point of view of design. “Joy for reason” is the emotional aspect that concerns those who use a Kia, not only for the shapes, but also for elements such as materials or habitability.

“Power to Progress” represents the continuous evolutionary path of the brand. “Technology for life” is about design that values ​​advanced technology, previously the prerogative of only premium brands, while “Tension for serenity” explains once again that opposite concepts coexist harmoniously in design. But if art concerns the intangible, the car industry pertains to much more concrete themes. For this Kia intends to expand into new business areas, providing innovative mobility products and services that improve everyone’s daily life. Whether and how this will also affect the Italian market, with all its peculiarities and differences even between cities and provinces, is a future to be discovered. «In Italy design has always been a fundamental factor and continues to be so, in the sense that it is the first reason for purchase. Then there’s the size, two-thirds of the new car market here is represented by smaller cars, including compact SUVs. This depends both on the purchasing power and on the needs of those who live in big cities» concluded Bitti.

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