Lamborghini confirms: thermal engines even beyond 2030

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The roar of the famous V12s of Sant’Agata Bolognese is destined to echo in the air for a long time to come. This was promised by Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, who is developing technologies that will allow its connecting rods and pistons to survive the ecological transition. Hybridization, or rather the electrification of the drive units, will make a fundamental contribution; but synthetic fuels will also play a crucial role. “After the transition to hybrid, we will wait to see if it will be possible to offer vehicles with internal combustion engines beyond 2030. One possibility is to keep the vehicles with internal combustion engines alive through synthetic fuels,” said CEO del Toro in an interview with Welt am Sonntag.

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Lamborghini is just the latest of the Volkswagen Group’s prestige brands to embrace the cause of the so-called e-fuels. Recently, it was Porsche that opened up to these fuels, which have almost zero carbon footprint. For Oliver Blume, at Porsche, e-fuels represent the counterpart of batteries for electric cars and will allow “to operate the enormous amount of Porsche of the past that are still circulating in the world” and will be indispensable for “to achieve the strict objectives environmental issues that Porsche has imposed on itself. The e-fuels, in particular, have the advantage of being able to take advantage of the thrust of the aeronautical sector, which cannot do without them “.

With synthetic fuels, “well-to-wheel CO2 emissions are reduced by 85%, with fewer particulates and less nitrogen oxides” at the exhaust, explained in 2021 Frank Walliser, Vice President Porsche Motorsport and GT cars: “This it will allow thermal or hybrid models to have a carbon footprint similar to that of an electric vehicle ”. Similar words from Michael Steiner, Head of Research and Development at Porsche: “The problem is not the internal combustion engine itself, but the fuel you burn. We want to show that this technology could be the solution for sports cars, motorsport but also road cars ”.

Bentley is also interested in the e-fuels issue: “We are carefully evaluating sustainable fuels, whether they are synthetic or of natural origin. We believe that combustion engines will remain in production for many more years and we are convinced that fueling them with greener alternatives will offer significant environmental benefits ”, Matthias Rabe, technical director of the English brand, said a few months ago.

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