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Rains. Almost, I’m going for a motorcycle ride. I admit it, I happened to think so, even just to test the outfit Clover Laminator 2, combined with Polar gloves. The name leaves little room for imagination: the jacket and trousers have an outer layer in «Duratek-8 Dual-Layer» combined with «3-D MESH», to ensure waterproofness and breathability even under the most «bad» storms. The specimen received in test coped temperatures from -2 to 15 degrees, even in pouring rain. We tested it on the Bmw R1250 GS, Tiger 1200 and Bmw R1250 R and RS, therefore with various types of aerodynamic protection. We tell you how it went.

How it’s done
The first element that characterizes the set is represented by taped hinges. Two are symmetrical and draw a triangle on the upper part of the chest and cover an air intake: once the zippers are open, the flap can be raised and fixed with a button at the meeting point between the shoulder and the arm. Just below, on the central part of the chest there are two symmetrical water resistant pockets and with vertical opening, suitable for storing objects that are not too bulky, such as the motorbike booklet or a flat wallet. At the waist, then, there are two large pockets with vertical loading, with Velcro opening and zip along the foldable flap. Adjustments to tailor the fit are ensured by two waist pulls on each side, one on the forearm and two buttons on the biceps. The sleeves have flap adjustments with Velcro and with vertical zipper, to facilitate the insertion of gloves. The closure is designed with Velcro and zipper, which in turn half to protect a reinforced fabric to prevent the passage of water. The collar, then, has a button that has a corresponding closure on a slide that allows you to adjust the width of the collar, also considering the possibility of wearing or not theremovable thermal interior and fixed with two red buttons (again to facilitate identification) at chest height and the same number inside the sleeves. In the same area, there are also two Napoleonic pockets distinguished by a red zip, to be easily identified even in situations of poor visibility. Inside there are the pocket for inserting the back protector and a vertical pocket on the left, flat and with central velcro closure. At the waist, then, there is a zip to connect the jacket and trousers. In the back there is a large flap that covers the central air intake, closed at the sides by two taped zips and at the top by a Velcro flap. Once unrolled, the strip can be fixed at the bottom using two buttons. Just below is the classic haversack, with flap closure on three Velcro points.

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THE trousers they close with double button and zipper on folded gaiterto ensure waterproof. At the waist, there is a zip connecting to the jacket and two Velcro strips to adjust the size of the circumference. Just below, we find two taped zips that hide very flat pockets for storing small items. On the thighs, there are a’striangular openings for the air intakes, designed with the same system as those on the front of the jacket. At the bottom, the closure is entrusted to two horizontal Velcro strips on each leg and a vertical zip, which allows you to manage the fit of boots very well. The removable thermal part, then, is fixed at the waist and at the height of the calves with red zips, easy to identify and manage.

THE gloves have the back in cowhide and in «Duratek-4 RipStop», the palm in sheepskin with microfibre reinforcements. The knuckles have viscoelastic polyurethane protectors. Everything is covered with a waterproof membrane Aquazone and the warmth inside is guaranteed by padding in «thinsulate». On the back, then, there is the pocket for inserting the heating batteries, which are connected to the glove via a cable. The heat diffusion mechanism works through carbon filaments and is activated by a button on the back of the glove: each time it is pressed, the led button changes color (soft white, brighter or red light) to indicate the level of heat. The batteries are 3000 mAh and guarantee up to 6 hours of battery life. On the wrist, the closure is a loop, with Velcro sliders to adjust the size of the glove. The charger is included.

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How is it going
The test took place in the winter season, the internal quilt was a must. With the coldest temperatures, the clothing consisted of a thermal jersey and a light fleece. As always, resistance to the cold is always subjective, but my teeth have never chattered. The only advice for those who are sensitive to the cold, however, is to take advantage of the connection zip between jacket and trousers, which helps maintain the trim of the suit. In that case, however, any extra fleece or jerseys must be tucked into the trousers, to avoid covering the connecting zip at the waist.

The jacket pockets are quite comfortable and roomy, as well as the lumbar pouch. In emergency situations, it is also possible to use the vents on the chest as extra pockets, but only for flat and light items. For documents, wallets and credit cards there is an internal pocket (large) on the left side at the waist and the two Napoleonic ones (one on each side) at chest level.

For the trousers, Clover made a choice that broke with the past: the “old” Laminator had two pockets roomy at the waist, version “2” limited the load to two “slits” vertical on the sides, useful for inserting light and not very bulky objects such as paper tissues and magnetic cards. It is the philosophy of the essential, which has its merits, especially on long journeys, where the load capacity is concentrated on bags and trunks. On out-of-town trips with light luggage, it can be handy to have a few more pockets to use.

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On the move, the various adjustments allow you to manage the width of the jacket, which never gets in the way in the various riding situations. The same goes for i pants, which appeared durable and snug enough to ensure comfort in all conditions. One note is in order: The second time I wore the pants, a closure button came off. The repair took place in the parent company (sent by courier), obviously at Clover’s expense. Within days, the pants were sent back. The regret for the inconvenience was compensated by thecustomer service efficiency.

Behavior in the rain deserves a separate chapter. The suit held up to perfection, including the pockets and taped vent zips. I know, there are two schools of thought: motorcyclists with a “hammer hand”, who prefer to stop only for petrol-bathroom-coffee, adorers of laminated overalls; lovers of the rain suit, considered the only bulwark against water. And then, there are those like yours truly, who adore the idea of ​​not stopping at every drizzle, but fear the “sauna effect” of laminated fabrics in the hottest season, especially on trips out of town, with limited speeds and frequent stops at crossings. An outfit like Laminator 2 can be the solution ideal for temperatures up to 20-25 degrees, taking advantage of the vents on the jacket and trousers. For the great heat, the dilemma remains. To each their own solution.

The glove it is a separate matter. It is designed to be able to face even very low temperatures and does its job very well. The price to pay is a certain amount of space, due to the padding. The battery is in an ideal position, it doesn’t get in the way and it’s easy to insert. By sensibly managing the distribution of heat, it is possible to face an entire day’s driving, which in the coldest season hardly goes beyond 6-7 hours.

The complete met expectations, has proved to be a good travel companion for its versatility of use at various temperatures. The zippers to fix the thermal part in the trousers were very appreciable, which in other circumstances forced to battle with the tightness of the buttons, especially by pulling the legs off. Even the load capacity satisfied, despite some initial concerns about the (almost) lack of pockets in the trousers: a matter of getting used to. Every traveler has their own preferences. There’s not much to say about gloves: once you put them on, you think you’re ready to go to the North Cape in the middle of winter. Then, you remember that you haven’t mounted the chains on the bike and so you fall back on the usual out-of-town trip. But you’re almost sorry.

Laminator 2 jacket: 489.99 euros

Laminator 2 Pants: €339.99

Polar gloves: 269.99 euros

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