Lancia, from the new Ypsilon to the heirs of Aurelia and Delta. What they will be like when they arrive

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When the new ones arrive Launch? And what will they be like? There is great anticipation for the future of the iconic Stellantis brand. The relaunch is now a certainty, after the financial and industrial plan launched by the CEO Carlos Tavares which he entrusted to Luca Napolitano the task of setting its rebirth under the banner of premium hi-tech, to compete in a broader European market.

And there are also answers. The first Lancia of the new era will be the heir to the Ypsilon, which will not change its name but will be totally different. On the market in 2024, it will be revealed “in installments” and already this year there will be a partial taste of her identity. “We must make people understand that a new model is not born to replace the current Ypsilon – explains Napolitano – but a completely different concept is born. We enter the new era, this is the restart of the brand”.

The Ypsilon revolution envisages a car “longer, around 4 meters, more spacious and luxurious. Even more expensive because it will offer innovative technologies and high quality contents inside with the best made in Italy design”. It will also likely launch a revamped logo. “The current one – explains Napolitano – has weakened a bit and it is a pity not to highlight the three strong elements of the brand which are the flag, the shield and the spear. Historical values ​​to be recovered”.

It will be up to the future Ypsilon to inaugurate a radical generation leap. From a glamorous but economical city car, to an ambitious compact, ready to challenge the big rivals in the luxury segment. It will have an engine hybrid and a full-electric and it will be the last Lancia in history to adopt a thermal engine. Because from 2026 all Lancias will be exclusively zero-emission.

In 2026 the second novelty is on the calendar, which will inherit the iconic name of Aurelia, still called a “nickname” today. “It will be our flagship – anticipates the manager – despite having small dimensions within 4.60 meters. Only electric, it will also be appreciated for very comfortable interiors, conceived with the care of a handcrafted living room”. This model too is already in an advanced stage of gestation. The watchword is premium quality. “But be careful – explains Napolitano – Lancia cannot be just fashion and after 115 years of history it would be a trap to tie ourselves too much to the past. Fortunately, in the clinics relating to new models, the most recurring word has been futuristic”.

Third novelty, in 2028the heir of another icon: Lancia Delta (this is also a “nickname” which will be confirmed). “It is still in the evolution phase – says Napolitano – of course we only have that it will have medium size”. It will not be an SUV, at most it will indulge in some crossover tendencies. But it is also not taken for granted that in six years, in the midst of the electric thrust, those will still be the dominant types.

Waiting for the future, which includes a novelty every two years, a comforting present even if based on only one model. The current Ypsilon was the leader of the B segment in Italy in 2021, as well as the second best-selling car. A record consolidated by the Alberta Ferretti special series presented in February.

“Our ten-year plan – recalls Napolitano – is based on three pillars: sustainability, customer focus and responsibility. Thus a range capable of covering 50% of the market will be born. Talking about elegant sustainability for Lancia means focusing on its timeless design. reinterpreted in a modern key, and then means electrification, the use of innovative materials that will make it the Stellantis brand with the highest percentage of recycled or eco-sustainable materials: 50% of the surfaces they touch will adopt them. The on-board technology will be simple and intuitive, for example as ROOM Which means Sound Air Light Augmented, an intelligent virtual interface with which the customer will have control of the passenger compartment: from the sound of the audio system to the air conditioning, up to the lighting “.

With its new identity and a versatile, albeit limited range, Lancia will face the European challenge based on the gradual conquest of new markets, involving the 100 dealerships located in 60 major cities. However, at least half of the sales will be made online.

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