Lancia, the Pu+Ra concept reveals the design canons of the brand’s new era

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The Renaissance of Lancia takes shape with the Pu+Ra Zero concept. It is a sculpture which, in practice, is a veritable three-dimensional manifesto of design which inspires the clothing of the Lancias which will arrive by 2028 in which past and future, elegance and radical, or rather iconic traits, intersect.

The roadmap for the renewal of Lancia therefore manifests itself with a design conceived starting from the classic white sheet and which has the task of transmitting the fundamental points of the ten-year strategic plan Dare Forward, presented a few months ago. The strategy is based, in particular, on quality, electrification, sustainability and renewal of the brand identity, which from 2024 will be displayed in all European showrooms and used for all future communication activities. The plan calls for the launch of a new model every two years starting in 2024. The first will be the successor to the Ypsilon, followed by the first two cars offered solely with electric powertrains: the flagship and the sedan that Lancia already calls the Delta .

The Pu+Ra, whose denomination indicates the Pura and Radicale thermal engines, presents itself with a simple silhouette that from every angle presents the cornerstones of Lancia’s new stylistic course by integrating sinuous shapes that draw inspiration from those of the Aurelia and Flaminia of the 1950s, round rear lights that recall those of the Stratos of the 1970s, dominator in rallies, which together with the more recent Delta projected Lancia into the Olympus of motorsport.

In the silhouette of the Pu+Ra which summarizes the stylistic cues which, in different percentages, will blend together on future Lancias, other new highly characterizing elements stand out: the logo, the lettering of the writing together with the unprecedented interpretation of the Lancia chalice.

The logo that signs Lancia’s entry into electric mobility is the eighth that arrives in the one hundred and sixteen years of life of the Turin brand. The new logo that will debut with the future Ypsilon draws inspiration from that of 1957 and reinterprets the distinctive elements of the brand: the steering wheel, the flag, the shield, the spear and the lettering. The latter is defined by a new font and takes inspiration from the world of fashion. The goblet, or rather the historic Lancia grille, arrives in the brand’s renaissance with a unique technological identity, determined by three luminous rays that also intend to indicate the electrification of future models. The new luminous signature together with the new writing will characterize the fronts of all three forthcoming Lancias, making them immediately recognisable.

The design chapter of future Lancias naturally also involves their cockpits, which will be stylistically consistent with their exteriors. On board you will be greeted by typically Lancia elegance with furnishings inspired by icons of the past such as the Flavia, the Gamma and the Thema but integrated with user-friendly technologies. The environments will be designed to assimilate the pleasantness of life on board to that of the living room at home, in order to create a feeling of home feeling which is also aimed at the path undertaken by Lancia with Cassina. A collaboration that pays the utmost attention to refinement, elegance and sustainability and of which the first conceptual result will be presented at the next Milan Design Week.

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