Lancia Ypsilon, always chic but even more hi-tech

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The 2023 collection of the Ypsilon fashion car presented in Milan in the first new showroom of the new Lancia era is full of technologies designed to support stress-free use. The update comes after the little Lancia took the sales leadership in its segment in 2022 for the fourth consecutive year and was the second best-selling car in Italy, moreover achieving the best market share ever.

«Definitely a record car – says Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand – with thirty-eight years of success behind it and on the podium in the city car sector for eleven years, which in four generations has totaled a production of over three million units and has accepted thirty-six special series».

Also renamed mini-flagship due to the timeless elegance of the line, the refined presentation of the passenger compartment and the contents of a higher category car, the Ypsilon since 2014 has supported the Lancia image by itself by adapting to the expectations of customers, the vast majority feminine, even with outfits that are always in step with the times. Now, the Ypsilon is being updated by focusing on technological equipment that improves driving pleasure and life on board by embarking the UConnect infotainment with 7″ display that integrates wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the wireless charger for next to the gear lever and the rear view camera, which facilitates parking manoeuvres.

Before passing the baton to its heir who, as announced by Lancia, will be unveiled next year, the Ypsilon also redefines the family which now consists only of versions with eco-friendly engines updated with respect to those of the previous series, which comply with the Euro 6.4 standard thanks, above all, to the consistent reduction of NOx and particulate emissions. The Hybrid is powered by a 1-litre three-cylinder with 70 HP with 12 Volt mild-hybrid technology supplemented by a 4.9 HP generator motor. The latter is powered by the energy recovered during slowdowns and stored in the lithium-ion battery, which is returned to the electric unit in the phases in which it comes into play to alleviate the petrol demands of the three-cylinder one. The hybrid system of the Ypsilon also provides for switching off the engine below 30 per hour by putting the gearbox in neutral at the suggestion of indications highlighted in the instrumentation which, at the same time, activates the sailing mode. Based on local regulations, the Hybrid allows free access to urban centres, as well as benefiting from the reduction in the cost of parking in city centers and some tax breaks. The Hybrid is joined by the LPG EcoChic equipped with a 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine with 69 HP with dual fuel petrol-LPG fuel, which on an average journey of 15,000 kilometers a year saves 700 euros a year compared to a with equivalent petrol engine.

The Ypsilon combines the technological evolution with the updating of the outfit and the passenger compartment. In particular, a new palette of body colors, the seats covered with the ecological Seaqual Yarn fabric obtained by recycling plastic collected in the Mediterranean, the brand new colors for the dashboard and door panels and the revisiting of the graphics of the instrument cluster. The Silver and Silver Plus versions differ from the Gold and Gold Plus, as well as from the Alberta Ferretti, due to the features of the bodywork in black instead of chrome.

Thanks to the FCA Bank loan, the new Ypsilon range is offered starting from 13,450 euros plus financial charges (TAN 6.85% and APR 10.31%) instead of 17,100 euros. With the state eco-bonus, the offer starts at 11,450 euros. In the case of financing, state eco-bonus and scrapping, the proposal provides for 36 installments of 129 euros, an advance of 1,802 euros and a final residual installment of 7,602 euros.

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