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The Lancia Ypsilon is updated for 2021, the year in which the model will turn ten. A birthday that does not seem to weigh at all on the commercial results of the car, which also in 2020 confirmed itself as the second best-selling car in Italy – the only market in which it is sold – totaling 43,033 units and being second only to its cousin Fiat Panda. “Since its launch in 1985, the Ypsilon, then the Y10, has changed the small town segment – comments Luca Napolitano, Stellantis – Lancia Chief Executive Officer -. It was the first and only one to bring style to its segment. , elegance and contents from a higher segment. And each of the 4 generations and 35 special series have contributed to its success and make it unique: in 35 years, over three million Ypsilon units have been sold. In 2020, moreover, on the Ypsilon it adopted the new Mild Hybrid powertrain, of which over 14,000 units have been sold.

The Hybrid Ecochic is a compact, economical and simple system, combined with the 1.0 FireFly 3 cylinder engine. It delivers 70 hp at 6,000 rpm and 92 Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm, also thanks to the support of a 3.6 kW electric alternator-generator, in turn connected to an 11 Ah lithium battery. In this way, energy is recovered during deceleration and stored both to restart the engine after a stop and to assist it during acceleration. In addition, the engine dies below 30 km / h by putting the gearbox (6-speed) in neutral. Compared to the corresponding petrol version, the Lancia Ypsilon hybrid cuts fuel consumption and emissions by 13%, an advantage to which is added that of the homologation as a hybrid car, which involves a series of tax breaks, traffic and access to certain areas. limited traffic.


The 2021 model year features a brand new grille combined with new DRL Led headlights, while all the chrome details have become satin and a new color called Elegant Blue is available. Inside there is a new infotainment system with a 7-inch touch display and the upholstery differs according to the trim level: the Silver uses technical fabrics, while the Gold reinterprets the Chevron, a classic of the Lancia tradition. In addition, the Seaqual Yarn fabric has been adopted, which is made starting from plastic collected in the Mediterranean: the yarn during the weaving phase is combined with other natural ecological fibers, recycled or recovered. In addition, the traditional Alcantara is also available as an option. Finally, standard on the entire range is the new EcoChic Kit consisting of the particulate polyphenol Prime cabin air filter, which blocks particulate matter (PM 2.5) over 98% and captures over 99% of allergens.

The list price of the Lancia Ypsilon Silver Hybrid 1.0 70hp starts at € 15,100, but can go down to € 11,000 thanks to the State Ecobonus and in case of scrapping. By choosing the FCA Bank loan, it still drops to 9,500 euros.

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